Friday, December 16, 2016

Ho Ho Ho Giveaway - Guest Post - Christine Rimmer - A Bravo for Christmas

Welcome back to my tribute to Harlequin Holiday tales. Christine Rimmer is here today with her guest post about her Christmas Tree. She's also sponsoring a giveaway of a signed copy of her 2015 holiday novel. Details Below
This is the last post of my Ho Ho Ho Harlequin Holiday Extravaganza I hope you enjoyed all the special guest posts from the Harlequin authors.
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


…he usually gets it. And the powerhouse CEO has wanted Ava Malloy since he was a Justice Creek High senior. Darius is already adored by one Malloy: Ava's spirited daughter. Helping Sylvie and her local Blueberry troop build dollhouses for needy kids is a worthy cause that's bringing him closer to the widowed single mom. Imagine his surprise when the usually unapproachable Ava starts flirting and making her romantic intentions crystal clear!

With one condition.

A holiday fling with the man Ava has always found irresistibly attractive is a thrilling way to ring in the New Year. She can't promise Darius the future—one devastating heartbreak in a lifetime is enough. But Ava underestimates his staying power. And what about her own secret heart's desire? A Bravo under the mistletoe and in her arms forever!

Christine is giving away one signed copy of
Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride
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Thanks Christine
Good Luck!!

Oh, Christmas Tree…

Merry Christmas, everyone. 

I just have to say it.  I love my Christmas tree.  It’s a fake pre-lit tree that I bought a decade ago, my first—and so far, only—fake tree. 

You see, in my family growing up, we had rules about Christmas trees.  In my family, we went out and chopped down our trees and then we brought them home and stood them in water and wrapped them in lights, shiny balls, keepsake ornaments and lots of glittery tinsel. In my family, every tree we brought home was “the best we ever had.”  Those trees were so beautiful.  For about a week.  And they smelled so piney—at first. But too soon the evergreen scent faded and the needles would start to fall….

So yes, I was born into a “real tree” family.  But secretly, I always wanted a fake one with the lights already on it.  And about a decade ago, I finally bought my first fake tree.  I loved it then.  I love it now.  The lights are mostly not working anymore. Don’t care.  I pile on strings of lights and it looks great.  The branches started to sag a few years back.  No prob. I sling-tie them to the trunk when they get droopy. 

I prop that puppy up, wrap it in strings of clear lights, circle it with shiny bead garland and hang it with several decades’ worth of ornament treasures.  And it looks just as good after New Years as it does on December 1.  It is, truly, the best tree I ever had.

How about you?  Are you in the real tree camp?  Or do you love having the same tree to put up every year? 

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