Thursday, May 16, 2024

Taking time off


Thank you all for your kind words and making this very difficult time in my life a bit more bearable. But it's time for me to take a brief time out, my daughter is taking me on a trip just the two of us to mourn, to celebrate the life of my husband and to take a break before charging head first into this next chapter of my life.

After we get home from our travels, Bill's celebration of life will take place and right after that I'm putting my home on the market and I'll be condo shopping as soon as it sells.

So I'll be taking off until sometime in June

I'll see you soon


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Sophia Rose Reviews: On Her Watch by Melinda Leigh


Today Sophia Rose shares her thoughts on Melinda Leigh's third in her Bree Taggart mystery series, On Her Watch. Read on to see what she thought!

On Her Watch by Melinda Leigh

#8 Bree Taggart


Publisher:  Montlake

Published:  5.14.24

Pages:  312

Rating: 5 stars

Format: eARC

Source:  NetGalley

Sellers:  Amazon

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GoodReads Synopsis:

Sheriff Bree Taggert becomes a target when she follows the twisting trail of a serial killer in a bone-chilling novel of suspense by #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh.

A pair of hikers find a tarp-wrapped body in a clearing in the woods. When a search in the surrounding area yields two more, Sheriff Bree Taggert knows they’ve stumbled onto a serial killer’s dumping ground.

With the help of investigator Matt Flynn, Bree works the case. They go to interview Jana, the best friend of one of the victims. But when they arrive at her apartment, it’s been ransacked and set on fire. And Jana is missing.

It’s clear the killer is escalating. To make matters worse, he threatens Bree’s family and a young mother vanishes. Will Bree and Matt uncover the link between the victims before more women die?


Friday, May 10, 2024

Sophia Rose Reviews: Jock Row by Sara Ney


Today Sophia Rose reviews Jock Row by Sara Ney book 1 in her Jock Hard series

Jock Row by Sara Ney

#1 Jock Hard

New Adult Romance

Publisher:  Three Legacies LLC

Published:  4.1.22

Pages:  376

Rating: 4 stars

Format: ebook

Source:  Freebie

Sellers:  Amazon

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GoodReads Blurb:

Scarlett is always the sensible one: The sober driver. The planner. The one holding your hair back while you're worshiping the porcelain gods.

Week-after-week, she visits Jock Row with her friends—the universities hottest party scene and breeding ground for student athletes. And if keeping her friends out of trouble, and guys out of their pants, was a sport, she'd be the star athlete.

Being a well known jock-blocker gets her noticed for all the wrong reasons; just like that, she's banned from Jock Row. NO GUY WANTS A GIRL AROUND WHO KEEPS THEIR JOCK FRIENDS FROM GETTING LAID.

"Rowdy" Wade is the hot shot short-stop for the universities baseball team—and the unlucky bastard who drew the short straw: keep little Miss Goody Two-Shoes out of the Baseball House.

But week-after-week Scarlett returns, determined to get inside.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Sophia Rose Reviews: Rendezvous in Berlin by Cat Gardiner


Today on the blog Sophia Rose shares her review of Rendezvous in Berlin by Cat Gardiner volume 2 in her Flying With Swallows WWII series. Read on to see what she thought.

Rendezvous in Berlin – A WWII Novel: Flying With Swallows Vol 2 by Cat Gardiner

Historical Fiction

Publisher: Unionport Hill Books

Published: 4.2.24

Pages:  604

Rating: 5 stars

Format: eARC

Source:  Author

Sellers:  Amazon

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GoodReads Synopsis:

Volume Two in the Flying with the Swallows duology.

March 1943: New York City Socialite Evie Somerset’s liberating adventure in Lisbon opens the door to the dangerous world of wartime espionage as a swallow—an agent—within Great Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service.

Without Carl Wilson’s supportive presence, Evie is thrust into the rigors of training in England armed with nothing but determination to prove herself to her superiors and fellow recruits. But, when a letter arrives from home, Evie is faced with unexpected demons. She must bury them, and the accompanying emotions, to focus on her mission as Salzburger aristocrat Eva von Lamberg visiting Berlin, the heart of the Nazi war machine.

Her perilous infiltration into German High Command’s social circle is aided not only by a resistance network of wealthy, high ranking officials but also her new skills at deception. Convincing her mark, a General within the Wehrmacht, of her affection is tantamount to gaining access to the information she seeks.

The mission brings Evie face to face with evil, humanity, and painful crossroads. Will she be able to separate her heart, which belongs to Carl, from the acts she must commit as a means to her success? Will she and Carl make it back to each other? Or is the end result of their respective missions a fait accompli with no future for either of them—just a legacy left behind after the Official Secrets Act ends?


Thursday, May 2, 2024

Review: Surviving in the Shadow of Death by Donna Augustine

First I want to thank everyone for their kind words during this very difficult time for me, you don't know how much it's meant. <3

Those who know me well know that I love Donna Augustine's fantasy series and this one is one of if not my favorite so far. The characters are all so real even though some of them are far from human and the storytelling is top notch,
I can not wait for book 3

Day After Death Day #2
Release Date: 02-22-2024
Length: 249 pp
Source: Author for review
Buy It: Amazon



I thought I was a fake, a spiritual guide doling out nothing more than a placebo effect to the pack. Turns out I’m more legitimate than anyone realizes—and more deadly.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m the real thing or not, whether the pack has accepted me or not, because Duncan’s mate never will and she’s in charge. As long as he still wants me in his bed, she’ll want me in a grave.

When her two leading goons go missing, I’m at the top of her hit list. As things get rough, my alliances begin to dwindle and my dreams of a white knight are all but gone. But sometimes the best man for the job doesn’t ride up in white…

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Sophia Rose reviews: The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb


Today Sophia Rose reviews The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb

The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb

#1 The Royals of Isola Nostrum

Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Pas de Chat Publications

Published:  1.3.23

Pages:  262

Rating: 4 stars

Format: eARC

Source:  won

Sellers:  Amazon

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GoodReads Synopsis:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Jane Austen addict in possession of an airline ticket to Bath must be in want of a Mr. Darcy to call her own.

By day Sabrina is a workaholic administrative assistant. By night she is a devoted reader of Regency romance novels.

Her life is predictable. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. The only thing keeping her going is knowing that come summer, she’ll be heading to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.

Lorenzo is a prince who doesn't believe in love. His heart has been broken one too many times. He’s given up hope that a person could ever love him the man instead of for his royal status.

When a careless mistake at work gets Sabrina fired, she heads to Italy in hopes of figuring out the mess her life has become.

What she wasn't expecting was to step into a "meet cute" straight from the pages of an Austen novel. When she literally crashes into the handsome Lorenzo–masquerading as a wine merchant–her life is forever changed. They soon learn that their lives are more interconnected than either one of them ever imagined.

Sabrina is beginning to feel as if she might have found her own Mr. Darcy, except, there is one problem–Lorenzo doesn't want anyone to know he is a prince and he definitely doesn't want to fall in love.

Could the right person prove to a prince that love can heal the scars of the past?

This is a royal romance for sweet and clean romance readers. Kissing only and no cursing.