Monday, May 17, 2021

Review- The Woman with the Blue Star by Pam Jenoff

Today I'm reviewing Pam Jenoff's latest WWII thriller, The Woman With The Blue Star, a book about courage, survival and an unlikely friendship set in 1940s war torn Poland and staring two remarkable women. A Park Row Books, a division of Harlequin new release. A Must Read!

ISBN-13: 978-0778389385
Publisher: Park Row Books/Harlequin
Release Date: 5-4-2021
Length: 336pp
Source: Netgalley/Publisher for review
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"This emotional novel is filled with twists, turns, and displays of bravery and love that you will never forget, culminating in an ending that manages to be both surprising and uplifting." —Lisa Scottoline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eternal

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Girls of Paris comes a riveting tale of courage and unlikely friendship during World War II.

1942. Sadie Gault is eighteen and living with her parents in the Kraków Ghetto during World War II. When the Nazis liquidate the ghetto, Sadie and her pregnant mother are forced to seek refuge in the perilous tunnels beneath the city. One day Sadie looks up through a grate and sees a girl about her own age buying flowers.

Ella Stepanek is an affluent Polish girl living a life of relative ease with her stepmother, who has developed close alliances with the occupying Germans. While on an errand in the market, she catches a glimpse of something moving beneath a grate in the street. Upon closer inspection, she realizes it’s a girl hiding.

Ella begins to aid Sadie and the two become close, but as the dangers of the war worsen, their lives are set on a collision course that will test them in the face of overwhelming odds. Inspired by incredible true stories, The Woman with the Blue Star is an unforgettable testament to the power of friendship and the extraordinary strength of the human will to survive.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Showcase A Fatal First Night by Kathleen Marple Kalb

Today I'm featuring a historical cozy #2 in Kathleen Marple Kalb's Ella Shane Mystery Series, A Fatal First Night. For an author with only two books under her belt she's getting a lot of praise.

ISBN-13:  9781496727244
Publisher: Kensington Books
Release Date: 4-27-2021
Length: 304pp
Ella Shane #2
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Set in Gilded Age New York, Kathleen Marple Kalb's adventurous new historical mystery series returns for its second installment starring the swashbuckling opera singer Ella Shane, an Irish-Jewish Lower East Side orphan who finds fame and fortune singing male "trouser roles." But while her opera company's latest premier manages to attract adoring crowds and rave reviews, it also attracts a killer who's a real showstopper...

New York City, Fall 1899. Ahead-of-her-time coloratura mezzo Ella Shane has always known opening night to be a mess of missed cues and jittery nerves, especially when unveiling a new opera. Her production of The Princes in the Tower, based on the mysterious disappearance of Edward IV's two sons during the Wars of the Roses in England, concludes its first performance to thunderous applause. It's not until players take their bows that the worst kind of disaster strikes...

Flawless basso Albert Reuter is found lurched over a bloody body in his dressing room, seemingly taking inspiration from his role as the murderous Richard III. With a disturbing homicide case stealing the spotlight, Ella can't be so certain Albert is the one who belongs behind bars...

Now, Ella must think on her feet while sorting out a wild series of puzzling mishaps and interlocking mysteries. Yet even when sided with her aristocratic beau, does this scrappy diva have the chops to upstage the true criminal, or will this be the last time she headlines a Broadway marquee?

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

#GIVEAWAY Showcase Aftermath by Terri Blackstock a Partners In Crime Virtual Touf

Welcome to my stop on the Aftermath by Terri Blackstock blog tour read all about the novel, stop by the other blogs on the tour and don't forget to enter the #Giveaway at the end of the post.


May 10 - June 4, 2021 Tour


Aftermath by Terri Blackstock

This gripping new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Terri Blackstock will leave you on the edge of your seat.

A devastating explosion.

Three best friends are at the venue just to hear their favorite band . . . but only one of them makes it out alive.

A trunk full of planted evidence.

When police stop Dustin with a warrant to search his trunk, he knows it’s just a mistake. He’s former military and owns a security firm. But he’s horrified when they find explosives, and he can’t fathom how they got there.

An attorney who will risk it all for a friend.

Criminal attorney Jamie Powell was Dustin’s best friend growing up. They haven’t spoken since he left for basic training, but she’s the first one he thinks of when he’s arrested. Jamie knows she’s putting her career on the line by defending an accused terrorist, but she’d never abandon him. Someone is framing Dustin to take the fall for shocking acts of violence . . . but why?

Praise for Aftermath:

“In Aftermath, Terri Blackstock plumbs the depth of human emotion in the face of devastating tragedy, grief, and loss. Yet, she still manages to give readers her trademark suspenseful story, sweet romance, and hope for the future. From gut wrenching scenes in a cancer patient’s hospital room to seeing the world through the eyes of a young woman with a debilitating mental health disorder, Blackstock pulls no punches about human frailties. Does the end justify the means? Romantic suspense lovers won’t want to miss Aftermath.”
—Kelly Irvin, bestselling author

“Justice may be blind but that doesn’t keep it from facing mortal danger. In Aftermath, expert storyteller Terri Blackstock ratchets up the suspense in a novel that delivers on every level. Conflicts rage and loyalties are tested to the ultimate limit. Set aside plenty of time when you pick up this book—you’ll not to want to take a break.”
—Robert Whitlow, bestselling author

Book Details:

Genre: Suspense
Published by: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: May 11th 2021
Number of Pages: 320
ISBN: 0310348587 (ISBN13: 9780310348580)
Series: Aftermath is a stand-alone novel
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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

#AudibleReview Lover Unveiled by JR Ward Narrated by Jim Frangione

I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood it's always an auto #Audible buy for me and #19 did not disappoint read below what I thought.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster audio
Release Date: 4-20-2021
Length: 15 hours 41 minutes
Black Dagger Brotherhood #19
Source: Audible purchase
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In this heart-pounding installment in J.R. Ward’s number one New York Times best-selling series, a long-lost member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood finds true love - and evil incarnate - in Caldwell, New York.

Sahvage has been living under the radar for centuries - and he has every intention of of staying “dead and buried”. But when a civilian female sucks him into her dangerous battle with an evil as ancient as time, his protective side overrides his common sense.

Mae has lost everything, and desperation sets her on a collision course with fate. Determined to reverse a tragedy, she goes where mortals should fear to tread - and comes face-to-face with the Brotherhood’s new enemy. She also discovers a love she never expected to find with Sahvage, but there can be no future for them.

Knowing they will part, the two band together to fight against what Mae unknowingly unleashed - as the Brotherhood closes in to reclaim one of their damned, and evil vows to destroy them all....

Monday, May 10, 2021

#SophiaRoseReviews Strongheart by Jim Fergus #3 in his One Thousand White Women trilogy

Today my friend Sophia Rose is reviewing Strongheart by Jim Fergus One Thousand White Women #3. Those of you who have read any books in this series know how poignant they are so like many of you I can't wait to hear what Sophia Rose thought of the finale.

Strongheart by Jim Fergus

#3 One Thousand White Women

Historical Fiction

Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press

Published: 4.6.21


Page:  377

Rating: 4.5

Format: eARC

Source:  Net Galley

Sellers: Amazon/  Barnes & NobleKobo

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GoodReads Blurb:

The final installment to the One Thousand White Women trilogy is a novel about fierce women who are full of heart and the power to survive.

In 1873, a Cheyenne chief offers President Grant the opportunity to exchange one thousand horses for one thousand white women, in order to marry them with his warriors and create a lasting peace. These women, "recruited" by force in the penitentiaries and asylums of the country, gradually integrate the way of life of the Cheyenne, at the time when the great massacres of the tribes begin. After the battle of Little Big Horn, some female survivors decide to take up arms against the United States, which has stolen from the Native Americans their lands, their way of life, their culture and their history. This ghost tribe of rebellious women will soon go underground to wage an implacable battle, which will continue from generation to generation. In this final volume of the One Thousand White Women trilogy, Jim Fergus mixes with rare mastery the struggle of women and Native Americans in the face of oppression, from the end of the 19th century until today. With a vivid sense of the 19th century American West, Fergus paints portraits of women as strong as they are unforgettable.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Blog Tour- Isabelle and Alexander by Rebecca Anderson- Review


Hi all! Today is my stop on the Isabelle and Alexander blog tour a Victorian Era Proper Romance set in Manchester England and I'll be providing my review. There are over forty blogs participating in the tour with reviews, exclusive excerpts and spotlights so be sure and visit as many as you can!

Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Release Date: 5-4-2021
Length: 238pp
Source: Publisher/Author for review





Isabelle Rackham knows she will not marry for love. Though arranged marriages have fallen out of fashion, hers has been settled for some time to combine the upper-middle-class wealth of her father's coal mines with Alexander Osgood's prospering Northern country textile mills. Though not a man prone to romantic gestures, Alexander is well-known as an eligible bachelor. His good looks have turned more than one head, so Isabelle is content to think of herself as Alexander's wife.

However, her marriage is not what she expected. Northern England is nothing like her home farther west in the lake country. Cold, dreary, and dark, the soot from the textile mills creates a gray hue that seems to cling to everything in the city of Manchester. Alexander is distant and aloof, preferring to spend his time at the mill rather than with her at home. Their few conversations are brief, polite, and lacking any emotion, leaving Isabelle lonely and desperately homesick.

Sensing his wife's unhappiness, Alexander suggests a trip to his country estate. Isabelle hopes this will be an opportunity to get to know her new husband without the distractions of his business. But the change of scenery doesn't bring them any closer. While riding together on horses, Alexander is thrown from his and becomes paralyzed. Tragedy or destiny? The help and care that Alexander now needs is Isabelle's opportunity to forge a connection and create a deep and romantic love where nothing else could.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Showcase- How to Train Your Earl by Amelia Grey

Today I'm spotlighting Amelia Grey's latest in her First Comes Love series, How To Train Your Earl.

ISBN-13:  9781250218803
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: 4-27-2021
Length: 352pp
First Comes Love #3
Buy It: Amazon/ B&N/ IndieBound


A roguish earl must fight using his honor and not his sword to win his lady’s hand in How To Train Your Earl, the third book in the First Comes Love trilogy from bestseller Amelia Grey.

Brina Feld has settled into a life devoted to helping others since the sinking of the Salty Dove left her widowed. She has no need for a man in her contented life. But when the notorious and handsome Lord Blacknight returns and awakens her desires, her peace and serenity vanish. If she agrees to an alliance with him, she knows she will have to battle her heart to keep from being snared under his spell.

Zane, the Earl of Blacknight, was never supposed to inherit the earldom, so he didn’t much care to lead a respectable life before then. Fistfights, card games, and drinking are the order of the day. Now he’s determined to change his rakish ways and he knows the proper lady who can help him. There’s just one problem: He's already bet he’ll win her hand before the Season is over. With her resolve to out-scheme him, how can he show her that his love is true?