Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Showcase- The Dating Dare by Jaci Lee

Today I'm showcasing Jayci Lee's book #2 in her A Sweet Mess series. Jayci's unique Korean-American flare continues with The Dating Dare which stars Tara Park BFF to book 1s heroine and Seth Kim brother to book 1s hero and  is the perfect summer read

ISBN-13: 9781250621122
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: 08-03-2021
Length: 320 pp 
A Sweet Mess #2
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Buzzfeed's 2021 Romance Novels You Need To Read This Summer

With witty characters and heartrending romance, Jayci Lee, author of A Sweet Mess, returns with The Dating Dare—where two people might just find out how hard it is to resist falling in love with the right person.

No serious relationships. This is the one rule Tara Park made for herself and it has been working swimmingly, thank you very much. The occasional fling is fine, especially since she’s busy with Weldon Brewery. But when Seth Kim, temptation personified and her best friend’s new brother-in-law walks into her life, Tara might be willing to bend her golden rule…but only for four dates—the four dates she agreed to after a few good rounds of beer and a game of truth or dare. It’ll be fun. No biggie.

Seth Kim can’t believe Tara agreed to his dating dare. He’s leaving for a new job in Paris in a month and a no-strings attached fling seemed like a nice little distraction for both… But their secret dates, while sweet and sexy, always hit roadblocks straight out of a romantic comedy. Thankfully, their non-dates and chance meetings are smoother, frequent, and heated. However, the more Seth sees of Tara, the less willing he is to let her go—and what was supposed to be a fun little game turns into something that neither of them are ready for.

But sometimes, the best things in life are the ones we never see coming.

Monday, August 2, 2021

#GIVEAWAY Excerpt Review Claimed by J.R. Ward book #1 Lair of the Wolven

Today I'm so excited to be bringing you my review of Claimed, book 1 in the Warden's brand new Paranormal Romance series, Lair of the Wolven. And that's not all her publisher Pocket Books a division of Simon and Schuster is sponsoring a #Giveaway too see details below.

ISBN-13:  9781982150372
Publisher: Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster
Release Date: 07-27-2021
Length: 528 pp
Source: Publisher/Netgalley for review
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A heart-pounding new series set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, about a scientist fighting to save the gray wolves—and getting caught in a deadly trap herself...

Lydia Susi is passionate about protecting wolves in their natural habitat. When a hotel chain develops a tract of land next to the preserve, Lydia is one of the most vocal opponents of the project—and becomes a target.

One night, a shadowy figure threatens Lydia’s life in the forest, and a new hire at the Wolf Study Project comes from out of nowhere to save her. Daniel Joseph is both mysterious, and someone she intrinsically wants to trust. But is he hiding something?

As the stakes get higher, and one of Lydia’s colleagues is murdered, she must decide how far she will go to protect the wolves. Then a shocking revelation about Daniel challenges Lydia’s reality in ways she could never have predicted. Some fates demand courage, while others require even more, with no guarantees. Is she destined to have true love...or will a soul-shattering loss ruin her forever?

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Friday, July 30, 2021

#GIVEAWAY Showcase Assigned by Paris Wynters a Caffeinated PR tour

Today is my stop on the Assigned by Paris Wynters tour a Caffeinated PR tour so sit back have a cuppa and enjoy the Showcase :)

Assigned by Paris Wynters is the third standalone novel in the Navy SEALs of Little Creek series featuring a pilot program that matches SEALS to Brides. Come check out Lucas and Riley's second chance romance. Read an excerpt, enter the giveaway and order your copy!

Assigned by Paris Wynters

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How can she become a new version of herself when she’s married to her past?

After two of his buddies found love through the military’s matchmaking program, Lucas Craiger decides to give it a shot. He’s not necessarily looking for love, just companionship and a kind, reliable stepmom for his young son. When he’s assigned to his high school sweetheart who shattered his heart, his plan for an uncomplicated relationship becomes acutely complicated.

Riley Thompson signed up for the matchmaking program because she needs a fresh start—and the health insurance. She desperately wants to build a life with a man where her autoimmune disease doesn’t define her and she can prove herself. But being matched with Lucas isn’t the new beginning she wanted. He’s the love of her life she let go when she was first diagnosed.

Lucas is determined to make the most of this second chance with Riley, but when his custody battle heats up, his new marriage isn’t the only relationship in jeopardy.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Showcase - Disquiet a Novel by ZÜLFÜ LIVANELI Translated by BRENDAN FREELY

Calling all eclectic readers who love the exotic, out of the ordinary title stop by and check out my showcase of my favorite Indie, Other Press's new release, Disquiet. A forbidden love in a foreign land.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63542-032-6
Publisher: Other Press
Release Date: 06-29-2021
Length: 176pp
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From the internationally bestselling author of Serenade for Nadia, a powerful story of love and faith amidst the atrocities committed by ISIS against the Yazidi people.

Disquiet transports the reader to the contemporary Middle East through the stories of Meleknaz, a Yazidi Syrian refugee, and Hussein, a young man from the Turkish city of Mardin near the Syrian border. Passionate about helping others, Hussein begins visiting a refugee camp to tend to the thousands of poor and sick streaming into Turkey, fleeing ISIS. There, he falls in love with Meleknaz—whom his disapproving family will call “the devil” who seduced him—and their relationship sets further tragedy in motion.

A nuanced meditation on the nature of being human and an empathetic, probing look at the past and present of these Mesopotamian lands, Disquiet gives voice to the peoples, faiths, histories, and stories that have swept through this region over centuries.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Showcase When a Duke Loves a Governess by Olivia Drake - Unlikely Duchesses #3

Today I'm showcasing #3 in Olivia Drakes, Unlikely Duchesses, When a Duke Loves a Governess stop by and see what brings them together.

ISBN-13:  9781250174499
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: 7-27-2021
Length: 320pp
Unlikely Duchesses #3
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A stunning new Regency from beloved author Olivia Drake, When a Duke Loves a Governess...!

Tessa James has worked and planned tirelessly to open her own millinery shop. All she needs now is a loan from the lord who sired and abandoned her. The only problem is, she doesn’t even know his name. What’s a woman to do to find him but enter the aristocratic world by becoming a governess?

Guy Whitby, the new Duke of Carlin, has returned to London after years abroad to discover that his young daughter Sophy has become a wild-child known for scaring away every governess who's crossed his doorstep. When Tessa James applies for the job, he hires her in desperation despite his misgivings that she’s too bold and beautiful–and that she might be fibbing about her qualifications.

Their blooming attraction leads them on a completely unexpected path to love that neither wants to deny. But when an old enemy threatens Guy's family, their forbidden romance goes up in flames. Can they still learn to love and trust each other as forces try to tear them apart?

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Showcase - The Rocky Road to Ruin by Meri Allen

It's always exciting to start a new cozy mystery series and this one is perfect for summer because it's set in an Ice Cream Parlor.

ISBN-13: 9781250267061
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Release Date: 7 -27-2021
Length: 352
Ice Cream Shop Mystery #1
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Justice will be swirled by amateur sleuth Riley Rhodes in the first in Meri Allen's brand-new mystery series, The Rocky Road to Ruin!

Riley Rhodes, travel food blogger and librarian at the CIA, makes a bittersweet return to her childhood home of Penniman, Connecticut – land of dairy farms and covered bridges - for a funeral. Despite the circumstances, Riley’s trip home is sprinkled with reunions with old friends, visits to her father’s cozy bookshop on the town green, and joyful hours behind the counter at the beloved Udderly Delicious Ice Cream Shop. It feels like a time to help her friend Caroline rebuild after her mother’s death, and for Riley to do a bit of her own reflecting after a botched undercover mission in Italy. After all, it’s always good to be home.

But Caroline and her brother Mike have to decide what to do with the assets they’ve inherited – the ice cream shop as well as the farm they grew up on – and they’ve never seen eye to eye. Trouble begins to swirl as Riley is spooked by reports of a stranger camping behind the farm and by the odd behavior of the shop’s mascot, Caroline’s snooty Persian, Sprinkles. When Mike turns up dead in the barn the morning after the funeral, the peace and quiet of Penniman seems upended for good. Can Riley find the killer before another body gets scooped?

Monday, July 26, 2021

Audible Review - Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr narrated by Thérèse Plummer

Today on the blog I'm reviewing the #Audible edition of Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr. I'm returning to Virgin River too as it's been quite a while since I immersed in Robyn's classic series and even though I missed a few titles in between I found myself right back in the thick of things with Jack and Mel and Preacher and all the rest and I got to fall in love with the stars of this book too. 
Have you checked out the Netflix original series? I'm going to start watching very soon!
Sit back and Return to Virgin River with me.

Publisher: Harlequin Audio
Release Date: 10-13-2020
Length: 7 hours-45 minutes
Virgin River #19
Source: Amazon/Audible purchase
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Number one New York Times best-selling author Robyn Carr returns to the beloved town of Virgin River with a brand-new story about fresh starts and new friends.

Now a Netflix Original Series!

Kaylee Sloan’s home in Southern California is full of wonderful memories of the woman who raised her. But the memories are prolonging her grief over her mother’s recent death. A successful author, Kaylee hoped she could pour herself into her work. Instead she has terrible writer’s block and a looming deadline.

Determined to escape distractions and avoid the holiday season, Kaylee borrows a cabin in Virgin River. She knows the isolation will help her writing, and as she drives north through the mountains and the majestic redwoods, she immediately feels inspired. Until she arrives at a building that has just gone up in flames. Devastated, she heads to Jack’s Bar to plan her next steps. The local watering hole is the heart of the town, and once she crosses the threshold, she’s surprised to be embraced by people who are more than willing to help a friend - or a stranger - in need.

Kaylee’s world is expanding in ways she never dreamed possible. And when she rescues a kitten followed by a dog with a litter of puppies, she finds her heart opening up to the animals who need her. And then there’s the dog trainer who knows exactly how to help her. As the holidays approach, Kaylee’s dread turns to wonder. Because there’s no better place to spend Christmas than Virgin River.