Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review of One Summer by David Baldacci

One Summer
David Baldacci
Grand Central
ISBN 13: 9780446583145
337 pages
It’s days until Christmas and this year in the Armstrong home they aren’t waiting for Santa, they’re waiting for dad to die. Jack Armstrong gave it the good fight and in the end it’s the kids and especially Lizzie that he’ll miss when the light finally goes out. He spends his final days with what little strength he has to write Lizzie a letter a day in which to pour out his heart and his love.  Then on Christmas Eve the unthinkable happens and Lizzie is killed in an accident. Left with no choice Jack agrees to go into Hospice care while the children are whisked away and split up between family members far away while he’s left to die alone. With only breaths left Jack makes his peace only to find that the universe has something entirely different in store for him.  
David Baldacci is in a class by himself when it comes to telling a story, from the first paragraph he has his audience right in the palm of his hand and in this case with tissues. He takes us on an emotional ride with his plot of death, illness, regret and despair and just when all faith is gone he gives us that ultimate emotion, hope. The narrative is so exact that you can feel the salt breeze on your face and the brightness of the lighthouse in your eyes. The author then goes one step more and conveys his characters emotions so well that you can feel the anger the hurt and the joy in equal measure. He gives us remarkably unforgettable characters, not celebrities but just everyday Joe and Jills that put one foot in front of the other to make it through another day. Mr. Baldacci does an amazing job with his protagonist Jack, portraying a realistic picture of a man in crisis. His other characters are imperative to his story, from the children to Jack’s in-laws, Jenna and Liam to the petty villains.

Be prepared for a memorable journey, a journey from the abyss back to the living, from the heartbreak of loss to the spirit of renewal, from the terror of loosing love to the elation of finding it again and maybe the most important lesson we’ll learn is that blind faith is blind for a reason. Take this journey with your eyes open so you don’t miss a stop on the trip because with every destination you’ll learn something important.

This is a love story, a family drama, and an important piece of literary fiction, it’s also the first must read of the summer and a title you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review of Trespasser by Paul Doiron

Paul Doiron
Minotaur Books
ISBN 13: 9780312558475
320 pages
Mike Bowditch, Maine Game Warden, is not what you’d call an exemplary employee, he’s earned a reputation as a hot headed rule breaker during his last case involving his father and unfortunately it’s still following him, the one good thing to come out of all of this is his rekindled relationship with his girlfriend Sarah who has decided to move back into the home they once shared. Mike gets called to a deer/car accident where the woman driver is mysteriously missing and amidst all his other cases and along with his mentor Charley he gets pulled deeper and deeper into this one when it seems that the other agencies involved brush it aside. When the woman is found murdered there are many similarities to a murder case from years ago a case where a local man is still imprisoned for the crime. Mike is unaware of the danger he is putting himself in by nosing around in this case, but he will soon find out, if he survives.

I first met Mr. Doiron during the discussion of his first novel about Mike Bowditch with First Look group at B& book clubs and was very impressed not only with his characters but his exquisite descriptions of the Maine wilderness and wildlife, he made the novel very real for me with his words. This novel is no less descriptive and captivating as from the very first page he has me wondering where the path is leading to and who will live and who will die in his second thriller. The plot pulls you right in with the mysterious disappearance and he keeps us enthralled with the twists and turns not just of this story line but the others that he introduces us too as well. The narrative is a study in Maine wildlife habitat and lifestyle between the haves the have nots and the in betweens filled with dialogue that matches each to perfection. The characters are all excellent and we learn more about our protagonist and what makes him tick as we watch him slowly and at times painfully climb to his potential. Mr. Doiron’s other characters are a study of human nature and sociology, we also in this novel get to know the enigmatic Sarah who we only met peripherally last time.

If you like investigations that take on a somewhat environmental view of mystery and thrillers you will like this. If you like being on the front lines when a new series is started, here is only number two. If you love a great mystery, a drama and a protagonist who’s not perfect give this series a try.
This reads well as a stand a lone, but my suggestion is to read The Poacher’s Son when you’re through with this and find out all about Mike from the beginning.
Mr. Doiron I am now anxiously waiting for number three.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Review of Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep

Tangled Threads
Jennifer Estep
Pocket Books
ISBN 13:9781439192634
357 pages

Tangled Threads is the fourth in the Elemental Assassin series

It seems that ever since Gin Blanco the infamous assassin known as the Spider finally decided to hang up her Silverstone knives and retire, she’s been busier than ever. She’s trying to rid the world of Mab Monroe the Fire Elemental that’s responsible for the annihilation of her family and assorted other atrocities. She’s trying to reconnect with the sister she thought dead for so long who recently came back to Ashland wearing a gold detective’s badge, something an assassin really wants in her family. And she’s still getting comfortable getting cozy with Millionaire Businessman Owen Grayson and of course she’s still running her murdered adoptive father’s barbeque joint The Pork Pit. Suddenly Ashland’s become a lot more crowded, could it be because there’s one too many assassins in town, oh the "Tangled Threads" we weave.

Jennifer Estep launched her new series right in the middle of the paranormal/urban fantasy craze that seems to be going around right now. And with so many out there Ms. Estep’s is very original as she brings the elements into her weaponry where the subjects use the forces of nature and earth to power their personal artillery and where the heroine isn’t some fair flower feminine Miss, no she’s a rock-em socke-em, bad to the bone paid to kill people assassin and yet she’s got a heart of gold would never consider killing with the possibility of collateral damage and would do anything to protect those she loves and cares for. The narrative is exactly what you’d expect in an avant-garde read with the in your face dialogue used by the undesirables of society, so don’t read it in church. The heroine is as unique as the tale, she’s hard nosed meets heart of gold, she’s not afraid to slice open your throat if that’s what needs doing, but it’s her emotional heart that she has trouble with and Ms. Estep has picked the perfect man for the hero job in Owen Grayson, he’s an semi-honest business man who’s not afraid to look the other way when Gin does her thing and that’s not something that Gin’s used to and is having trouble accepting Owen at face value. The romance is as in your face as the characters and the love scenes are excellently camouflaged and veiled behind doors so if the blood shed doesn’t scare you off the sex scenes definitely won’t.
Come meet the world according to Gin, see the world through her eyes and you will be an instant fan.
Thank you Jennifer Estep for a Butt-Kicking series I can really get into, I can’t wait for the next installment.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review of Baby Drive South by Stephanie Bond

Baby Drive South
Stephanie Bond
329 pages
ISBN 13:9780778329442
 Over a decade ago Sweetness Georgia was swept away by a monster F-5 Tornado destroying every standing building and amazingly without loss of life. Now after their stints in the various arms of the military the Armstrong brothers with the help of men they personally recruited and a government grant are back to rebuild the town, only now it’ll be better than before it’ll be eco-friendly and it’ll sustain itself and it’s residents on environmentally approved businesses. The only trouble, the town needs women, lots of them and fast so the brothers advertise in a small northern town hit hard by the economy looking for 100 pioneer minded women to help these brothers and their men rebuild this town.

The youngest Armstrong, Porter is looking forward to this influx of females, so much so that he’s been known to stand on top of the water tower looking for them and one such day he sees a huge cloud of dust on the horizon and realizes it’s a ton of vehicles headed their way, on his way down to alert the town he falls off the tower and breaks his leg. He’s rescued by the petite Dr. Nikki Salinger who has her own reasons for coming to this back water town, but she’s not so sure she’s staying. Porter is told by his brothers to keep Nikki there at any cost, he just didn’t know it would cost him his heart.

This is a very interesting and very cute concept for a trilogy. Ms. Bond does a good job with her story line making me want to find out what happens next, making me interested in what happens to the characters, and making me like the characters. I liked her down-home southern dialogue from the Armstrongs  mixed with the mixed cultures of the women and a few strings of expletives when they’re needed. The characters were funny and interesting and pretty three dimensional. The hero and heroine were also in depth characters and I found myself liking them very much. The romance was predictable but it really fit in with the concept of the novel and worked really well. The love scenes are steamy and sexy.
Take a breather this summer to enjoy the first in this brand new trilogy, I wasn’t sorry and you won’t be either.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Review of The Beach Trees by Karen White

The Beach Trees
Karen White
Penguin Group
432 pages
ISBN 13: 9780451233073

 Julie Holt knows better than most that “death and loss plague you”, she’s had a lot in her life and now as she starts on this new and frightening adventure she feels it all again. Being named as guardian to her friend’s small son after her death leaves more questions than answers for Julie so she loads herself and her small ward and goes to the other thing left to her by her friend, a home in Biloxi Mississippi named River Song. When she arrives it’s to see only empty landscape where once a house stood and so she takes her next step in this journey to the family that her friend left behind. Maybe she’ll find answers, maybe she’ll find solutions or maybe she’ll just find more questions.

Reading a novel by Karen White always reminds me of salt sea breezes, sitting on a swing on a wide wrap around porch and sipping sweet tea and I always have one handy to read during my long Midwest winters while ice pelts the windows and the furnace works overtime to heat my home. This novel is no different only that I read it during the humid late spring instead.

 Set in the aftermath of the storm known as Katrina, Ms. White gives us in this incredible read a story line that will appeal to the mystery lover, the romance lover, the family drama lover and the literary fiction lover all in one with a tale that will entertain and educate us as she takes us deftly on her twists and turns and knots our emotions as she spins her tale. She gives us her narrative with a bit of southern hospitality mixed with New England stubbornness and an all American apple pie goodness. Her characters will endear themselves to us and by making them so believably real she also makes them temporary friends as each person she creates becomes someone we must know better and we do. She will also give us a hint of a romance to come and explore love stories gone by and the secrets, tragedies and milestones they’ve endured.

So come with me on this sentimental journey, learn to love again, learn to hope again and learn to live again with her incredible story and the people who tell it. This is your first must read of the summer, a perfect beach read, a vacation staple and a friend you’ll look for again at another point down your road.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review of Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson

Any Man of Mine
Rachel Gibson
Harper Collins
384 pages
ISBN 13: 9780061579110

Autumn Haven came to Vegas for a much needed vacation and armed with her to-do list she planned to hit the jackpot. What she didn’t plan on was finding I’m too sexy for my hockey stick Sam LeClaire, what she didn’t expect was to be wined, dined and seduced into next Saturday. She may not have expected that, but that and more is what she got.
Sam LeClaire the infamous Seattle Chinooks player knew what to expect in Vegas  what he didn’t expect was Autumn Haven and how she made him feel. What he didn’t expect was his darn the consequences exploit and his cowardice afterward.
Fast forward five years and Sam sees those consequences with every scheduled visit with his and Autumn’s son Conner, then Sam has a revelation that changes his outlook on Conner and on Autumn too and just maybe those wild days and crazy nights in Vegas was the start of something after all.

Several years ago while looking for something to entertain myself I picked up Rachel Gibson’s Not Another Bad Date, the cover intrigued me and the blurb decided my purchase and ever since I’ve been a Gibson Girl, why, let me tell you the ways.
Rachel Gibson can take an oversexed, larger than life hockey star and cut him off at the knees, make him a regular Joe and turn him into every girl’s dream hero, she can  take a down on her luck lady and make sure she turns her into Helen Ready’s W-O-M-A-N and not take one inch of femininity away from her and that’s just what you get with Any Man Of Mine. She gives us a great yet simple story line that anyone can understand and enjoy with easy to read dialogue and characters that will ingratiate themselves to us and make us keep turning those pages. Our hero Sam will frustrate and charm his way into your heart just like he does his heroine Autumn and Autumn is every little girls dream of a heroine, strong, determined and won’t take any hockey puck off anyone. The romance is filled with missed possibilities, grave mistakes and other varied minefields, will they get their HEA in spite of all that, you’ll have to read it yourself to answer that question. The love scenes are harder hitting than getting face planted in the rink, full of lust, desire and descriptive bedroom scenes that don’t all happen in bedrooms.

So if you’re looking for a read to heat up the summer, look no farther. If you’re not a fan of Rachel Gibson it’s only because you’ve never read her. If you love a quick easy romance that heat up the pages this one’s for you. If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Kristan Higgans you’ll like the work of Rachel Gibson.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review of The Warrior by Claire Delacroix

The Warrior
Claire Delacroix
Amazon Digital Services
ASIN: B00562R5AU
File Size 449 KB

The Hawk came back to Inverfyre to collect his rightful inheritance, the one his mother barely escaped from with her life when he was in her belly. While visiting a distant neighbor he falls under the spell of Aileen of Abernye, and knows he must have her for his bride, but she brings more than passion, she brings visions, visions that he’s tried to forget, visions of a past he knew and one he doesn’t.  Aileen has never tasted desire from a man only fear, that is until The Hawk of Inverfyre comes calling. His courtship is rather unique, as it’s really a kidnapping. But there’s no denying the passion that’s between them, there’s also no denying the haunting the meeting has seemed to bring forth. There are prophecies and curses waiting to be fulfilled for the Hawk and his lady, the question is whether they stop the curse or relive it yet again.

Fortunately for her fans Claire Delacroix’s 2004 novel The Warrior is being re-released in digital form with a brand new cover but the same wonderful story a story that kept the middle ages alive, a story about a curse and the two people who could fulfill it. I love that the story is a continuation of The Rogue which is the love story of The Hawk’s parents. I love her dialogue in her historical romances, it always reflects the setting of the read with just enough period speak to make it effective while at the same time is current enough that anyone would be able to easily read and understand it. Her characters are larger than life riding warhorses and wearing chainmail, living in towers of keeps in the early 15th Century Scotland and every single one of those characters are worthy of their own story.  The best and brightest though without a doubt are Michael (the Hawk) and Aileen, we readers will laugh, cry and scream right along with them as they fall face first into love. We will have front row seats for their romance as they stumble their way to their Happy Ever After. The love scenes are steamy and sensual but with longing and loving that wouldn’t put off any romance lover.

So come back and experience the last Rogue of Ravensmuir, come back to the late middle ages, come back to when a knight knew how to court his lady and a lady knew how to wield a weapon to defend her family and her home. If you missed it the first time get it now in e-form, if you had it before get it again, you won’t be sorry.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review of The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas

The Oracle of Stamboul
Michael David Lukas
Harper Collins
294 pages
ISBN 13: 9780062012098

It was the beginning of the end for the Great Ottoman Empire. There were the obvious signs of civil unrest and international conflicts and there were more subtle signs in clandestine meetings and passed information.  And it was during these troubling times when Elenora Cohen made her way into the world, it was on a Thursday while troops gathered on a hill and a flock of Hoopoes flitted about. It was not without tragedy that she did so as her mother died giving birth to her. She was attended to by her devoted father Yakob and her mother’s midwives until the arrival of her mother’s older unwed sister who would go on to become not only her aunt but her stepmother as well. Elenora had a relatively normal childhood and yet it soon became apparent that she was not a normal little girl as she possessed an uncommon intelligence and sponge like intellect and a somewhat mystical nature as well. This somewhat magical, mystical and enchanted little girl starts the journey of her life under a troubling star that will take her to the seat of the Empire and to it’s leader as well. But what will come of her, will she go on to great things and shine like the sun or will she go down like a burning nova. Open the pages of this multidimensional and eclectic read and find out.
Michael David Lukas brings us his debut novel with a plot that’s as diverse as the Ottoman Empire was at the end of the Nineteenth Century when his tale takes place with a story line ranging from politics to mysticism. He brings us this with a dialogue that combines prose, everyday narrative and at times militaristic jargon which mostly has a fluent feel to it. I did however find the fluency chopped up a bit at times by a bit of wordiness and although this happens it did not diminish my enjoyment of the read. His characters are the stars and they do shine from the stuffy Ruxandra, to the loving Yakob to the patient Moncef Bey and finally the Sultan himself and his mother, and Mr. Lukas takes his time with each of these characters so we readers get their full effect.
This read is not for everyone, but if you enjoy a real piece of literary fiction with enough history to satisfy the student, enough imagery to satisfy the dreamer, and enough occult to satisfy the mystic then you will love this.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards

Sunset Bridge
Emilie Richards
Mira – Publish Date 6-28-2011
512 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778312383
The women of Happiness Key have grown together as more than a community, more than friends into family. They’ve each grown together and individually into better people than they were. They’ve faced many challenges together and fought for and against each other, unfortunately the fates have more surprises in store for each of them.
The before Tracy was the socialite with the heart of ice and who could blame her, she learned from the best and from the cradle, today she’s warm, caring and has never been happier especially now that she and Marsh have become the couple she’d hoped they would, is it too good to be true.
Janya was a disappointment to her family but although her marriage was arranged she was determined not to be a disappointment or disappointed in it, so she took what was given and she made it better and now she is happily married and the only thing that could make the marriage better would be children.
Wanda finally got her pie shop and everything seems to be merrily rolling along and wouldn’t you know it that’s when disaster breaks, disaster in the form of Wanda’s daughter Maggie walking away from her job as a cop and her boyfriend and life in Miami to move into Happiness Key.

Emilie Richards has brought us to the end of the rainbow once again with the end to her series about the women of Happiness Key she does it with humor and heart and with compassion as she tells her tale. This is a contemporary tale of suspense of mystery and of relationships. She makes it real by bringing us very life-like characters, characters who will and have endeared themselves to her readers, who are all an important part of the story as a whole and individually. She brings these characters and story to life with her fluent and expressive dialogue. There are love stories here but the main objective is the interaction of these three women who against all odds became the best of friends and as a result became family, how they support each other through bad times and good times and how they each enrich the others lives.

If you haven’t read the first two novels in this series, have no fear this could easily stand on it’s own, however, if you want the total picture of not only where these women are but where they came from read the other two also. If you’re looking for that perfect beach read or a novel to get you through that endless vacation drive or flight, here it is. If you need that edge of your seat action and suspense, this will fit your bill too.
Thank you Emilie for letting me get up close and personal with these incredible women, letting me be a fly on the wall of their lives and taking lessons from them on friendship.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Review of Blood Ties by Sharon Sala

Blood Ties
Sharon Sala
361 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778312642

Blood Ties is the second in the Searchers Trilogy

It’s bad enough to loose your father, but when he dies  and you find you lost your whole family and your whole life is suddenly a lie, that’s a lot to take, but that’s exactly what happens to the Slade Sisters when they attend the reading of the man they thought was their father’s will. Years ago while he was still a traveling Evangelist minister Andrew Slade took in three helpless little girls all from mothers who were in deep trouble.

Savannah Slade is devastated by the news that Andrew isn’t her father, but more than that she finds out in a journal that Andrew left that while her birth mother was dying of cancer her life was threatened by the family of her father, the same family that had her father killed. Savannah decides they’ve gotten away with murder long enough so to avenge the death of her father and the threatening of her mother she decides to take on one of the most influential and wealthiest family in Southern Florida. She leaves behind her almost fiancĂ© Judd, but when the chips are down she’ll find out who her friends are, who are her foes and who is real family regardless of Blood Ties.

Sharon Sala brings us this second in her trilogy with a bigger than life story line and larger than life characters, but she does it with amazing believability by making the characters very three dimensional, very likeable and hate-able in equal degrees. Her dialogue is easy to read, and very descriptive and as she takes us from the wilds of Montana to the bustle of Miami the narrative has fluent movement and her audience will find it hard not to finish this in one setting especially when from the middle on the action takes it up to the highest level. Her characters are all indispensable, unforgettable and immensely important to the tale from the one liners all the way to our stars. Her heroine Savannah is tough and yet fragile and Ms. Sala portrays her to a tee. Her hero Judd is a perfect match for Savannah and plays his part perfectly too. The romance is sweet, but it’s the love scenes that burn up the pages so expect to turn down the air conditioning, sit under the fan and put plenty of ice in that Southern Sweat Tea.

I love trilogies and if you do too this should definitely go on your to buy list, you get the stand a lone quality novel with the added benefit of knowing that you can re-visit these characters through all three. If you like the rock-em sock-em romantic suspense believe me when I say this one will raise your heart rate and your pulse, keep you on the edge of your seat and scared to death. It’s a must buy for a great summer read.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review of Creed's Honor by Linda Lael Miller

Creed’s Honor
Linda Lael Miller
377 pages
ISBN 13: 9780373775804

Conner Creed is right where he belongs and he’s known it from the start, he was born and raised to be a rancher on his Colorado spread. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been plenty of hardships too, he’s determined to live the dream but to truly fulfill it he needs his perfect mate, one content to be a rancher’s wife, one who wants a family and one who wants to share that way of life with him. Trisha McCall knows what she wants, she’s known it for the longest time, funny thing is when she gets to Colorado to sell her dad’s properties she’s in no obvious hurry to get home to Seattle and to her “perfect” life back there right down to Mr. Perfect keeping the home fires burning, in fact she’s starting to believe that maybe, just maybe a certain rough and tumble cowboy is more her speed and maybe she’s been having the wrong dream all this time.

I have no doubt that very soon under the synonym for cowboy in the thesaurus you will find Ms. Millers name, no one does a better cowboy/western romance than she does and when she adds to the pot one of her prolific families like the Creeds watch out because you are in for one wild bronco ride. The plot may seem redundant or simple, but what’s more simple than boy meets girl, look closely at the underlying moral of the story where good guys in the white hats finish first. and what self respecting romance-addict doesn’t want that too. Her dialogue is a subtle mix of big city meets down home, it flows, it works and it makes the reader keep turning those pages to see does this boy get this girl. This boy is Conner Creed and he’s steadfast, dependable and honest, there’s no bad boy lurking under his white hat and no devil sitting on his shoulder, the girl Trisha McCall has been looking for love in all the wrong places, for the wrong reasons and it’s up to Conner to show her how it’s done right, will they make it, well don’t just sit there, get to the bookstore and find out. The romance is reminiscent of days gone by courting, that is until you get to the love scenes and then it’s all 21st century fireworks and hotter than August in Amarillo.

Keep up with the Creed history, it’s past and it’s present and real soon it’s future as we end this trilogy with Creed’s Legacy, Brody Creed’s story. Keep the chaps close, you’ll need them for this next ride too. These read fine as stand a lones, but why deny yourself the whole kit-n-caboodle.
Ms. Miller thank you for a must summer read with all the ingredients that make one heck of a tale.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Review of Trace of Fever by Lori Foster

Trace of Fever
Lori Foster
393 pages
ISBN 13:9780373775750

Trace Rivers is deep undercover infiltrating a human trafficking operation. Since his sister’s apprehension by these same types of thugs he’s on a mission with the help of a few good friends with excellent connections to rid the world of exactly these kind of predators, the last thing he needs is another complication, one in the shapely form of Ms. Priscilla Patterson who claims to be the long lost daughter of one said predator Murray Coburn, but that complication is just what he’s got.
Priss Patterson has wanted to rid the world of the worm known as Murray Coburn for a very personal reason for a very long time, she’s finally gotten admitted to see him only to run into a solid brick wall named Trace Miller, she feels safer with him than she should and her gut instincts tell her to trust him, but trust is a two way street and Trace is only going one way, should she overlook that slim shred of doubt, or should she trust her own intuition even though he gives her much more than a “Trace of Fever”.

Trace of Fever is Lori Foster’s second novel in her men who walk the edge of honor trilogy and in this installation we’re treated to another walk down the seedy road of human trafficking, only this time we get a look at the inside of the organization, we get to be a fly on the wall of this sick establishment. Ms. Foster does an outstanding job of bringing us face to face with the reprobates who work in and run this operation with realistic lower than life reprehensible characters and those who only pretend so they can end it. The storyline is never still, full of action and unbelievable danger around every corner. She brings it with dialogue that one would expect from these villains and the good guys who infiltrate the enterprise, the narrative flows from start to finish and readers will find it almost impossible to stop turning pages to find out who lives, who dies and who wins in the end. Her characters are all excellent and her audience will love to hate the bad guy and love to love the good guys. Her hero in this tale, Trace is a believable man who’s convictions will convince any reader that he’s doing the right thing. Her heroine Priss is a real piece of work in her innocence mixed with her worldly persona to her act that is Oscar deserving. The romance is to some aspect predicable but it really fits in this novel. The love scenes are hot and sexy mixed with a bit of innocent awe and will melt the wax off any nearby candles.

The wait is over, the second in the series is here and it’s hotter that the dog days of Summer so dive in head first, you won’t be sorry you did.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Review of Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke

 Those of you who know me know that this author is one of my all time favorites and I have been reading her for many many years starting with her inventive and historically accurate Historical Romance written as Claire Delacroix on to her Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romances and now a new and exciting addition to her series is her brand new YA series. This series stars the children from her adult Paranormal Romance series featuring the Dragon shape-shifting species known as the Pyr here is the website dedicated to that series. I really love the Pyr in her adult romance and now I love the kids too. If you're into the YA genre like so many are take the time to start this brand new and exciting series that comes out Tuesday June 7th, 2011.

Here's my previously published review, enjoy

Flying Blind book one of The Dragon Diaries
Deborah Cooke
Penguin Group – Publish date June 7,2011
272 Pages – ISBN 13: 9780451233882

Zoe Sorensson is well aware of magic and myth so well aware in fact that she’s part of it. Zoe is the prophesied Wyvern, the only female Pyr, a dragon shape shifting species created to protect the earth. But being aware and becoming the Wyvern seems to be escaping this otherwise typical 15 year old, you see these so called powers of the Wyvern and the Pyr appear with the onset of puberty, something that seems to be taking it’s own sweet time for Zoe. Her father Erick the Pyr’s leader decides it’s time for Zoe to attend Pyr boot camp, a week long session run by the older Pyr to help the younger generation come of age and into their gifts. When she arrives things really take on a very different face as there’s dissention among the guys she’s known all her life plus a newcomer. Have they become complacent, is there something evil here or is it just teenaged hormones and angst at work. Zoe will have to work it all out if she wants to stop “Flying Blind”.
Deborah Cooke fans who love her paranormal romance Pyr series, with her yummy dragon heros always coming to the earth’s and human rescue will adore this new spin off staring the children of the Pyr we know and love, in this new Dragon Diaries YA series, Deborah will not only keep her adult fans but will gain quite a following from her target audience as well. She introduces us to her cast of youngsters with dialogue that will fit right in with the social media savvy teen and yet will appeal to her older audience as we experience the coming of age of her new and exciting Pyr generation, characters that we her Pyr series followers have met as wee ones. She gives us wonderful picturesque and descriptive narrative that takes us into her amazing and imaginative paranormal world. She does this with a plot that’s definitely outside the ordinary box and yet makes believers of her readers. Her characters will wow us in their enormity and their normality as she tells us their story in glowing Technicolor quality. Her heroine Zoe is likeable and an enigma at the same time and will worm her way into the hearts of readers as we can’t turn pages fast enough to learn what happens next. Her other characters are equally magical and majestic both in their human and dragon forms along with a cast of others who will keep us enthralled as well.
So whether your young or just young at heart you will equally enjoy this brand new series by Ms. Cooke. Come join me in experiencing her newest foray into the world of the Pyr from the younger point of view in this new coming of age for dragons tales. It’s entertaining, it’s exciting and it’s adventurous and it will fill the gap for her adult fans and bring new younger fans to the table as well.
Thanks Ms. Cooke for an out of this world novel and the start to a wonderful new series.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review of Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross

 Eyes Wide Open
Andrew Gross
William Morrow Publish Date July 2011
ISBN13: 9780061655968

Charlie Erlich spent his youth stoned and playing music, but there’s a darker side to what happened all those years ago and it just caught up with him with deadly force when his son Evan is found dead at the bottom of a canyon, at first glance it’s a slam dunk suicide but sometimes things aren’t as simple as they look.
Jay Erlich is the good brother to Charlie’s screw-up and it’s no different in adulthood, Jay is used to getting phone calls for help from Charlie and his dysfunctional family but this time it’s different when the call is to report Jay’s nephew’s death. Jay rushes to his brother’s aide leaving his own family and career. As Jay investigates the supposed suicide it begins to look more and more sinister and it looks to be connected to Charlie’s youth and a horrible crime that was committed by members of a cult that he was involved with. Who will be safe and who will be sorry and who will have their “Eyes Wide Open “.

Andrew Gross may have started out as a co-author with James Patterson but with the sale of his first solo novel his masterful storytelling has become more and more evident, this one takes us away from Ty Hauck his protagonist from the last few novels, but have no fear because he introduces us to some memorable new ones. His plot is filled with dangerous twists and murderous turns so you lovers of dark thrillers will be happy with all the mayhem. His narrative is easy to read and follow and flows smoothly from start to finish with dialogue that describes and reflects on his characters and his scenes. His characters are remarkable from the smallest part to the biggest role and Mr. Gross does an outstanding job giving each one their individual voice that readers will be able to hear loud and clear.  The brothers Jay and Charlie will definitely get under your skin with their polar opposite personalities and actions, from Charlie’s bipolar, ex-hippy self to Jay’s by the book, upstanding citizen, surgeon self.

If mystery, murder and dark plots are your cup of tea, have a cuppa this because you won’t find a better roller coaster ride than the one you’ll climb on here. If you like characters with character, you’ll find them between the pages of this novel. If you just like an unforgettable story, you’ll remember this one for a long time.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann

 Breaking the Rules
Suzanne Brockmann
Ballantine Books
528 pages
ISBN 13: 9780345521224
Izzy Zanella and his Seal teammate Danny Gillman have never liked each other and with their personal history they like each other even less now, little do they know that fate or karma or the devil is going to throw them together once again to sink or swim because the Gillman family sh-t is about to hit the proverbial fan when Eden and Danny’s brother Ben needs them.
Eden and Izzy got married in a fire and it never burned out but it may just burn them up because even after long months of being out of sight the sparks are definitely still there and now Eden needs Izzy again but is it only to save her little brother Ben or is it personal too.
Danny and Jenn’s relationship is truly challenged when he’s severely injured and she rushes to his side then in the ensuing sh-t storm he makes her a deal that’s hard to refuse or resist, but is it the right one.

Suzanne Brockmann is one of the most beloved romantic suspense authors out there, why do her fans love her so much, it’s because she loves her characters and it shows by how three dimensional she makes them. As usual her plot is full of intrigue and terror only this time it’s on US soil and not a Seal directive but have no fear you’ll still sweat your socks off going through the motions. Her dialogue is familiar to her fans as we wonder how this demure looking gal can out sailor talk a sailor without being offensive or overdone, however it’s done she does it best. Her characters are all friends we’ve met and befriended or befoed in the past and this time it’s Izzy, Eden, Dan and Jenn with the added bonus of really getting to know Eden and Dan’s younger brother Ben and a certain girl on the periphery of the story that I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of. The romance is off the charts dysfunctional full of obstacles and disasters some caused by outside forces and some they bring on themselves. The love scenes are scorching hot while tender and very intense and carnal without being crude.

Those of you like me who’ve been waiting for the culmination of Izzy/Eden and Jenn/Dan’s story this is what you’ve been waiting for. This would make a great stand a lone read but reading the series in order will give you the depth of the story that you would lack without it.
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