Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards

Sunset Bridge
Emilie Richards
Mira – Publish Date 6-28-2011
512 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778312383
The women of Happiness Key have grown together as more than a community, more than friends into family. They’ve each grown together and individually into better people than they were. They’ve faced many challenges together and fought for and against each other, unfortunately the fates have more surprises in store for each of them.
The before Tracy was the socialite with the heart of ice and who could blame her, she learned from the best and from the cradle, today she’s warm, caring and has never been happier especially now that she and Marsh have become the couple she’d hoped they would, is it too good to be true.
Janya was a disappointment to her family but although her marriage was arranged she was determined not to be a disappointment or disappointed in it, so she took what was given and she made it better and now she is happily married and the only thing that could make the marriage better would be children.
Wanda finally got her pie shop and everything seems to be merrily rolling along and wouldn’t you know it that’s when disaster breaks, disaster in the form of Wanda’s daughter Maggie walking away from her job as a cop and her boyfriend and life in Miami to move into Happiness Key.

Emilie Richards has brought us to the end of the rainbow once again with the end to her series about the women of Happiness Key she does it with humor and heart and with compassion as she tells her tale. This is a contemporary tale of suspense of mystery and of relationships. She makes it real by bringing us very life-like characters, characters who will and have endeared themselves to her readers, who are all an important part of the story as a whole and individually. She brings these characters and story to life with her fluent and expressive dialogue. There are love stories here but the main objective is the interaction of these three women who against all odds became the best of friends and as a result became family, how they support each other through bad times and good times and how they each enrich the others lives.

If you haven’t read the first two novels in this series, have no fear this could easily stand on it’s own, however, if you want the total picture of not only where these women are but where they came from read the other two also. If you’re looking for that perfect beach read or a novel to get you through that endless vacation drive or flight, here it is. If you need that edge of your seat action and suspense, this will fit your bill too.
Thank you Emilie for letting me get up close and personal with these incredible women, letting me be a fly on the wall of their lives and taking lessons from them on friendship.

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