Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review of Creed's Honor by Linda Lael Miller

Creed’s Honor
Linda Lael Miller
377 pages
ISBN 13: 9780373775804

Conner Creed is right where he belongs and he’s known it from the start, he was born and raised to be a rancher on his Colorado spread. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been plenty of hardships too, he’s determined to live the dream but to truly fulfill it he needs his perfect mate, one content to be a rancher’s wife, one who wants a family and one who wants to share that way of life with him. Trisha McCall knows what she wants, she’s known it for the longest time, funny thing is when she gets to Colorado to sell her dad’s properties she’s in no obvious hurry to get home to Seattle and to her “perfect” life back there right down to Mr. Perfect keeping the home fires burning, in fact she’s starting to believe that maybe, just maybe a certain rough and tumble cowboy is more her speed and maybe she’s been having the wrong dream all this time.

I have no doubt that very soon under the synonym for cowboy in the thesaurus you will find Ms. Millers name, no one does a better cowboy/western romance than she does and when she adds to the pot one of her prolific families like the Creeds watch out because you are in for one wild bronco ride. The plot may seem redundant or simple, but what’s more simple than boy meets girl, look closely at the underlying moral of the story where good guys in the white hats finish first. and what self respecting romance-addict doesn’t want that too. Her dialogue is a subtle mix of big city meets down home, it flows, it works and it makes the reader keep turning those pages to see does this boy get this girl. This boy is Conner Creed and he’s steadfast, dependable and honest, there’s no bad boy lurking under his white hat and no devil sitting on his shoulder, the girl Trisha McCall has been looking for love in all the wrong places, for the wrong reasons and it’s up to Conner to show her how it’s done right, will they make it, well don’t just sit there, get to the bookstore and find out. The romance is reminiscent of days gone by courting, that is until you get to the love scenes and then it’s all 21st century fireworks and hotter than August in Amarillo.

Keep up with the Creed history, it’s past and it’s present and real soon it’s future as we end this trilogy with Creed’s Legacy, Brody Creed’s story. Keep the chaps close, you’ll need them for this next ride too. These read fine as stand a lones, but why deny yourself the whole kit-n-caboodle.
Ms. Miller thank you for a must summer read with all the ingredients that make one heck of a tale.
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