Friday, June 3, 2011

Review of Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke

 Those of you who know me know that this author is one of my all time favorites and I have been reading her for many many years starting with her inventive and historically accurate Historical Romance written as Claire Delacroix on to her Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romances and now a new and exciting addition to her series is her brand new YA series. This series stars the children from her adult Paranormal Romance series featuring the Dragon shape-shifting species known as the Pyr here is the website dedicated to that series. I really love the Pyr in her adult romance and now I love the kids too. If you're into the YA genre like so many are take the time to start this brand new and exciting series that comes out Tuesday June 7th, 2011.

Here's my previously published review, enjoy

Flying Blind book one of The Dragon Diaries
Deborah Cooke
Penguin Group – Publish date June 7,2011
272 Pages – ISBN 13: 9780451233882

Zoe Sorensson is well aware of magic and myth so well aware in fact that she’s part of it. Zoe is the prophesied Wyvern, the only female Pyr, a dragon shape shifting species created to protect the earth. But being aware and becoming the Wyvern seems to be escaping this otherwise typical 15 year old, you see these so called powers of the Wyvern and the Pyr appear with the onset of puberty, something that seems to be taking it’s own sweet time for Zoe. Her father Erick the Pyr’s leader decides it’s time for Zoe to attend Pyr boot camp, a week long session run by the older Pyr to help the younger generation come of age and into their gifts. When she arrives things really take on a very different face as there’s dissention among the guys she’s known all her life plus a newcomer. Have they become complacent, is there something evil here or is it just teenaged hormones and angst at work. Zoe will have to work it all out if she wants to stop “Flying Blind”.
Deborah Cooke fans who love her paranormal romance Pyr series, with her yummy dragon heros always coming to the earth’s and human rescue will adore this new spin off staring the children of the Pyr we know and love, in this new Dragon Diaries YA series, Deborah will not only keep her adult fans but will gain quite a following from her target audience as well. She introduces us to her cast of youngsters with dialogue that will fit right in with the social media savvy teen and yet will appeal to her older audience as we experience the coming of age of her new and exciting Pyr generation, characters that we her Pyr series followers have met as wee ones. She gives us wonderful picturesque and descriptive narrative that takes us into her amazing and imaginative paranormal world. She does this with a plot that’s definitely outside the ordinary box and yet makes believers of her readers. Her characters will wow us in their enormity and their normality as she tells us their story in glowing Technicolor quality. Her heroine Zoe is likeable and an enigma at the same time and will worm her way into the hearts of readers as we can’t turn pages fast enough to learn what happens next. Her other characters are equally magical and majestic both in their human and dragon forms along with a cast of others who will keep us enthralled as well.
So whether your young or just young at heart you will equally enjoy this brand new series by Ms. Cooke. Come join me in experiencing her newest foray into the world of the Pyr from the younger point of view in this new coming of age for dragons tales. It’s entertaining, it’s exciting and it’s adventurous and it will fill the gap for her adult fans and bring new younger fans to the table as well.
Thanks Ms. Cooke for an out of this world novel and the start to a wonderful new series.
Buy the book here visit the author’s websites here, here and here.


  1. I had no idea this was a spin-off until after I finished reading it. Now I REALLY want those Dragonfire books. And good to know fans of that series enjoy this one as well.

  2. it was a breath of fresh air in the newest "it" genre of YA Erika, now go out and get the adult series, you'll love them too.
    In fact at my book club at B& General Fiction we'll be reading the first in the adult series as a traditional book club read in September, here's a link if you're interested
    I'll be posting more about it the closer we get to the read date.

    Thanks for posting