Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review of Trespasser by Paul Doiron

Paul Doiron
Minotaur Books
ISBN 13: 9780312558475
320 pages
Mike Bowditch, Maine Game Warden, is not what you’d call an exemplary employee, he’s earned a reputation as a hot headed rule breaker during his last case involving his father and unfortunately it’s still following him, the one good thing to come out of all of this is his rekindled relationship with his girlfriend Sarah who has decided to move back into the home they once shared. Mike gets called to a deer/car accident where the woman driver is mysteriously missing and amidst all his other cases and along with his mentor Charley he gets pulled deeper and deeper into this one when it seems that the other agencies involved brush it aside. When the woman is found murdered there are many similarities to a murder case from years ago a case where a local man is still imprisoned for the crime. Mike is unaware of the danger he is putting himself in by nosing around in this case, but he will soon find out, if he survives.

I first met Mr. Doiron during the discussion of his first novel about Mike Bowditch with First Look group at B&N.com book clubs and was very impressed not only with his characters but his exquisite descriptions of the Maine wilderness and wildlife, he made the novel very real for me with his words. This novel is no less descriptive and captivating as from the very first page he has me wondering where the path is leading to and who will live and who will die in his second thriller. The plot pulls you right in with the mysterious disappearance and he keeps us enthralled with the twists and turns not just of this story line but the others that he introduces us too as well. The narrative is a study in Maine wildlife habitat and lifestyle between the haves the have nots and the in betweens filled with dialogue that matches each to perfection. The characters are all excellent and we learn more about our protagonist and what makes him tick as we watch him slowly and at times painfully climb to his potential. Mr. Doiron’s other characters are a study of human nature and sociology, we also in this novel get to know the enigmatic Sarah who we only met peripherally last time.

If you like investigations that take on a somewhat environmental view of mystery and thrillers you will like this. If you like being on the front lines when a new series is started, here is only number two. If you love a great mystery, a drama and a protagonist who’s not perfect give this series a try.
This reads well as a stand a lone, but my suggestion is to read The Poacher’s Son when you’re through with this and find out all about Mike from the beginning.
Mr. Doiron I am now anxiously waiting for number three.
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