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Review of The Warrior by Claire Delacroix

The Warrior
Claire Delacroix
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The Hawk came back to Inverfyre to collect his rightful inheritance, the one his mother barely escaped from with her life when he was in her belly. While visiting a distant neighbor he falls under the spell of Aileen of Abernye, and knows he must have her for his bride, but she brings more than passion, she brings visions, visions that he’s tried to forget, visions of a past he knew and one he doesn’t.  Aileen has never tasted desire from a man only fear, that is until The Hawk of Inverfyre comes calling. His courtship is rather unique, as it’s really a kidnapping. But there’s no denying the passion that’s between them, there’s also no denying the haunting the meeting has seemed to bring forth. There are prophecies and curses waiting to be fulfilled for the Hawk and his lady, the question is whether they stop the curse or relive it yet again.

Fortunately for her fans Claire Delacroix’s 2004 novel The Warrior is being re-released in digital form with a brand new cover but the same wonderful story a story that kept the middle ages alive, a story about a curse and the two people who could fulfill it. I love that the story is a continuation of The Rogue which is the love story of The Hawk’s parents. I love her dialogue in her historical romances, it always reflects the setting of the read with just enough period speak to make it effective while at the same time is current enough that anyone would be able to easily read and understand it. Her characters are larger than life riding warhorses and wearing chainmail, living in towers of keeps in the early 15th Century Scotland and every single one of those characters are worthy of their own story.  The best and brightest though without a doubt are Michael (the Hawk) and Aileen, we readers will laugh, cry and scream right along with them as they fall face first into love. We will have front row seats for their romance as they stumble their way to their Happy Ever After. The love scenes are steamy and sensual but with longing and loving that wouldn’t put off any romance lover.

So come back and experience the last Rogue of Ravensmuir, come back to the late middle ages, come back to when a knight knew how to court his lady and a lady knew how to wield a weapon to defend her family and her home. If you missed it the first time get it now in e-form, if you had it before get it again, you won’t be sorry.
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