Friday, June 24, 2011

Review of Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep

Tangled Threads
Jennifer Estep
Pocket Books
ISBN 13:9781439192634
357 pages

Tangled Threads is the fourth in the Elemental Assassin series

It seems that ever since Gin Blanco the infamous assassin known as the Spider finally decided to hang up her Silverstone knives and retire, she’s been busier than ever. She’s trying to rid the world of Mab Monroe the Fire Elemental that’s responsible for the annihilation of her family and assorted other atrocities. She’s trying to reconnect with the sister she thought dead for so long who recently came back to Ashland wearing a gold detective’s badge, something an assassin really wants in her family. And she’s still getting comfortable getting cozy with Millionaire Businessman Owen Grayson and of course she’s still running her murdered adoptive father’s barbeque joint The Pork Pit. Suddenly Ashland’s become a lot more crowded, could it be because there’s one too many assassins in town, oh the "Tangled Threads" we weave.

Jennifer Estep launched her new series right in the middle of the paranormal/urban fantasy craze that seems to be going around right now. And with so many out there Ms. Estep’s is very original as she brings the elements into her weaponry where the subjects use the forces of nature and earth to power their personal artillery and where the heroine isn’t some fair flower feminine Miss, no she’s a rock-em socke-em, bad to the bone paid to kill people assassin and yet she’s got a heart of gold would never consider killing with the possibility of collateral damage and would do anything to protect those she loves and cares for. The narrative is exactly what you’d expect in an avant-garde read with the in your face dialogue used by the undesirables of society, so don’t read it in church. The heroine is as unique as the tale, she’s hard nosed meets heart of gold, she’s not afraid to slice open your throat if that’s what needs doing, but it’s her emotional heart that she has trouble with and Ms. Estep has picked the perfect man for the hero job in Owen Grayson, he’s an semi-honest business man who’s not afraid to look the other way when Gin does her thing and that’s not something that Gin’s used to and is having trouble accepting Owen at face value. The romance is as in your face as the characters and the love scenes are excellently camouflaged and veiled behind doors so if the blood shed doesn’t scare you off the sex scenes definitely won’t.
Come meet the world according to Gin, see the world through her eyes and you will be an instant fan.
Thank you Jennifer Estep for a Butt-Kicking series I can really get into, I can’t wait for the next installment.
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