Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann

 Breaking the Rules
Suzanne Brockmann
Ballantine Books
528 pages
ISBN 13: 9780345521224
Izzy Zanella and his Seal teammate Danny Gillman have never liked each other and with their personal history they like each other even less now, little do they know that fate or karma or the devil is going to throw them together once again to sink or swim because the Gillman family sh-t is about to hit the proverbial fan when Eden and Danny’s brother Ben needs them.
Eden and Izzy got married in a fire and it never burned out but it may just burn them up because even after long months of being out of sight the sparks are definitely still there and now Eden needs Izzy again but is it only to save her little brother Ben or is it personal too.
Danny and Jenn’s relationship is truly challenged when he’s severely injured and she rushes to his side then in the ensuing sh-t storm he makes her a deal that’s hard to refuse or resist, but is it the right one.

Suzanne Brockmann is one of the most beloved romantic suspense authors out there, why do her fans love her so much, it’s because she loves her characters and it shows by how three dimensional she makes them. As usual her plot is full of intrigue and terror only this time it’s on US soil and not a Seal directive but have no fear you’ll still sweat your socks off going through the motions. Her dialogue is familiar to her fans as we wonder how this demure looking gal can out sailor talk a sailor without being offensive or overdone, however it’s done she does it best. Her characters are all friends we’ve met and befriended or befoed in the past and this time it’s Izzy, Eden, Dan and Jenn with the added bonus of really getting to know Eden and Dan’s younger brother Ben and a certain girl on the periphery of the story that I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of. The romance is off the charts dysfunctional full of obstacles and disasters some caused by outside forces and some they bring on themselves. The love scenes are scorching hot while tender and very intense and carnal without being crude.

Those of you like me who’ve been waiting for the culmination of Izzy/Eden and Jenn/Dan’s story this is what you’ve been waiting for. This would make a great stand a lone read but reading the series in order will give you the depth of the story that you would lack without it.
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