Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review of Baby Drive South by Stephanie Bond

Baby Drive South
Stephanie Bond
329 pages
ISBN 13:9780778329442
 Over a decade ago Sweetness Georgia was swept away by a monster F-5 Tornado destroying every standing building and amazingly without loss of life. Now after their stints in the various arms of the military the Armstrong brothers with the help of men they personally recruited and a government grant are back to rebuild the town, only now it’ll be better than before it’ll be eco-friendly and it’ll sustain itself and it’s residents on environmentally approved businesses. The only trouble, the town needs women, lots of them and fast so the brothers advertise in a small northern town hit hard by the economy looking for 100 pioneer minded women to help these brothers and their men rebuild this town.

The youngest Armstrong, Porter is looking forward to this influx of females, so much so that he’s been known to stand on top of the water tower looking for them and one such day he sees a huge cloud of dust on the horizon and realizes it’s a ton of vehicles headed their way, on his way down to alert the town he falls off the tower and breaks his leg. He’s rescued by the petite Dr. Nikki Salinger who has her own reasons for coming to this back water town, but she’s not so sure she’s staying. Porter is told by his brothers to keep Nikki there at any cost, he just didn’t know it would cost him his heart.

This is a very interesting and very cute concept for a trilogy. Ms. Bond does a good job with her story line making me want to find out what happens next, making me interested in what happens to the characters, and making me like the characters. I liked her down-home southern dialogue from the Armstrongs  mixed with the mixed cultures of the women and a few strings of expletives when they’re needed. The characters were funny and interesting and pretty three dimensional. The hero and heroine were also in depth characters and I found myself liking them very much. The romance was predictable but it really fit in with the concept of the novel and worked really well. The love scenes are steamy and sexy.
Take a breather this summer to enjoy the first in this brand new trilogy, I wasn’t sorry and you won’t be either.
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