Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review of Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross

 Eyes Wide Open
Andrew Gross
William Morrow Publish Date July 2011
ISBN13: 9780061655968

Charlie Erlich spent his youth stoned and playing music, but there’s a darker side to what happened all those years ago and it just caught up with him with deadly force when his son Evan is found dead at the bottom of a canyon, at first glance it’s a slam dunk suicide but sometimes things aren’t as simple as they look.
Jay Erlich is the good brother to Charlie’s screw-up and it’s no different in adulthood, Jay is used to getting phone calls for help from Charlie and his dysfunctional family but this time it’s different when the call is to report Jay’s nephew’s death. Jay rushes to his brother’s aide leaving his own family and career. As Jay investigates the supposed suicide it begins to look more and more sinister and it looks to be connected to Charlie’s youth and a horrible crime that was committed by members of a cult that he was involved with. Who will be safe and who will be sorry and who will have their “Eyes Wide Open “.

Andrew Gross may have started out as a co-author with James Patterson but with the sale of his first solo novel his masterful storytelling has become more and more evident, this one takes us away from Ty Hauck his protagonist from the last few novels, but have no fear because he introduces us to some memorable new ones. His plot is filled with dangerous twists and murderous turns so you lovers of dark thrillers will be happy with all the mayhem. His narrative is easy to read and follow and flows smoothly from start to finish with dialogue that describes and reflects on his characters and his scenes. His characters are remarkable from the smallest part to the biggest role and Mr. Gross does an outstanding job giving each one their individual voice that readers will be able to hear loud and clear.  The brothers Jay and Charlie will definitely get under your skin with their polar opposite personalities and actions, from Charlie’s bipolar, ex-hippy self to Jay’s by the book, upstanding citizen, surgeon self.

If mystery, murder and dark plots are your cup of tea, have a cuppa this because you won’t find a better roller coaster ride than the one you’ll climb on here. If you like characters with character, you’ll find them between the pages of this novel. If you just like an unforgettable story, you’ll remember this one for a long time.
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