Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ho Ho Ho Giveaway - Guest Post - Caro Carson - A Cowboy's Wish Upon a Star

Welcome back to another post dedicated to Harlequin Holiday novels, today Caro Carson is up to bat with her Guest Post titled, The Best Day of the Year. She's also sponsoring a giveaway of her last two releases which happen to feature sisters, Her Texas Rescue Doctor and A Cowboy's Wish Upon a Star. Details below


From Hollywood… 

A cattle ranch is the perfect place for movie star Sophia Jackson to escape her scandalous past and the paparazzi hot on her trail. But foreman Travis Chalmers makes it clear who's running the ranch. When their constant clashing ignites unexpected attraction, Sophia takes on her greatest acting role: pretending she isn't falling for the sexy, domineering cowboy. 

…to Motherhood 

Once Travis sweeps her into his arms at her sister's wedding, she knows the feeling's mutual. But a precious secret followed Sophia to Texas. And now a Hollywood hurricane is about to blow through Travis's peaceful Texas town. Is the mother-to-be ready to fight for her future and see her most passionate Christmas wish granted—she and Travis vowing to love each other forever?

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The Best Day of the Year
By Caro Carson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
I’ve always loved that Christmas carol. I know every note, as sung by Andy Williams on a vinyl Christmas album which was played in glorious stereophonic sound by my mother every December. And back then, December 25th was indeed the most wonderful day of them all.  New toys appeared under the Christmas tree, and then all my relatives arrived and brought more new toys.  There were pies and cookies, and we were encouraged to eat them all! Even as a teenager and young adult, I loved having the time off school, the freedom from homework—and all those pies and cookies.

Then, in the blink of an eye, I became the one who was married with children.  And because my kids were (are) adorable, the rest of the family wanted to come and see them experience all the magic of Santa Claus and new toys and pure bliss. I loved it, too, but Christmas Day now required detailed lists and planning in advance, then the orchestration of snacks, drinks, guests, and a feast on the big day. To be perfectly frank, Christmas joy began to be felt simultaneously with anxiousness to get things right, to check the clock and the oven, to manage children without naptime, to be sure there were enough soap and towels for company. And so, it started to dawn on me that December 25th was no longer my favorite day of the year.

But never fear. My most favorite day of the year simply moved over one block on the calendar. Now? I love December 26th. Truly, just writing that date makes me tingle with happy anticipation.  The cooking is done, and there are leftovers galore. I don’t have to even think about what to feed my kids or guests.  They can go to the fridge and get out the leftover turkey and pumpkin pie.  Heck, I can go to the fridge and eat my favorite food in the world: leftover stuffing, ice cold and straight from the Tupperware container! There are no gifts that need wrapped, but instead, there are new board games to play with the family. There is nothing to do with the decorations except look at how pretty they are.  That’s the key: on December 26th, there is nothing left to be done except kick back and relax.  We like to go to the stores, several generations of us, and restock our supplies for next year: did we use up all the gift tags? Could we use an extra string of lights next year? We have fun shopping just for fun (at half price, too), and then we come home and I eat more of that ice cold stuffing. No wonder December 26th is the most wonderful time of the year!  As Andy Williams sang, it’s the happ-happiest season of all!

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