Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review of Journey From Darkness by Gareth Crocker

Journey From Darkness
Gareth Crocker & Llewellyn Crocker
US Publication date 1-23-2013
312 pages

Twin brothers Edward and Derek Hughes have been scarred by war and fighting for their country which now feels more prison than home. So in 1918 they leave battle ravaged England to realize a childhood dream, to follow in their father’s footsteps to the South African bush. When they arrive they make a remarkable discovery when they encounter a rare elephant tribe. But a darker discovery tells them that the bush is in a war of it’s own, that the innocent victims have no recourse, no defense, as they’re mercilessly slaughtered for their ivory which has threatened the entire elephant population. Incensed by the cruelty and butchery and intent on making a difference the brothers vow to protect the sole survivor of such an attack at all cost. They will witness unbelievable cruelty as they journey into the darkness in an attempt to stop the killings and maybe forever changed for what they saw and felt obligated to do.

Journey From Darkness is a haunting tale of beastly actions and unselfish bravery, a testament to the incredible storytelling ability of it’s authors. The content is sometimes difficult to read but important to learn the plight of these innocent victims of the butchery of poaching. The blow of words is softened by the authors expert use of prose in the narrative that gives the characters such definition and depth, that gives personality and voice to the story, that makes a laugh possible in the presence of violence. The brothers make great heroes especially as their anti-hero qualities make them more credible, the villains on the other hand have no redeeming qualities and are ghastly soul-less creatures. The most amazing feat of all was the individuality given Shawu, her emotions, her dramatic personality, her heart made her a truly exceptional player in the novel.
This is not my first journey with Gareth Crocker, our last trip took me to Vietnam where I met an incredible dog named Jack. This is however my first experience with the co-author and Gareth’s father Llewellyn and it’s been my immense pleasure.

I'm pleased to announce that Gareth will once again be with us at the General Fiction forum at B& when we discuss this novel with him in November of 2013.

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  1. I'm going to have to remember this for later in the year. It sounds really good.

    1. Ryan, I hope you join us in Novemeber when the forum reads the novel
      take care