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New Release feature 2-19-2013 Q and A with Deborah Crombie

Q&A w/Deborah Crombie
The Sound of Broken Glass

Debbie - Please welcome New York Times best selling author Deborah Crombie.
Deborah, it’s an honor for me to host this Q&A with you as you are one of my all time favorite authors and your Gemma James/Duncan Kincaid series is my all time favorite.
DC: I’m so pleased you like the books!

Tell us about the new novel The Sound of Broken Glass.
DC: While Duncan takes family leave from his post as a detective superintendent at Scotland Yard to care for the couple’s three-year-old foster daughter, Gemma is promoted to a new murder squad in South London. The bizarre death of a respected barrister in a seedy hotel takes Gemma and her colleague Melody Talbot to the historic area of Crystal Palace.  They soon learn that Duncan and Gemma have a personal connection to one of the suspects, and the case has very unexpected personal ramifications for Melody Talbot.

The Sound of Broken Glass is the 15th in the series.
How do you keep them fresh and interesting for us as readers as well as you the author?
DC: The lives of the series characters continue to grow and evolve in ways that often surprise me. And I get to explore new characters, new settings, and a completely new story in each novel. I always have more ideas than I can get in one book.

Your research must be extensive as the novels are so authentically British. Can you tell us how long you’re in country to research a novel?
DC: I usually go to England a couple of times a year for three to four weeks at a time. But no matter how long the visit, there is always more I could do.  I usually stay in a flat—my favorite is in Notting Hill—so that I really get the feel for living the way my characters live.

What is it about mysteries that intrigues you the most?
DC: The structure of a crime novel provides the protagonists with a ready-made goal, and that keeps the plot moving. But within the structure, you can tell such different stories!  Also, I think we humans love solving puzzles. And perhaps most of all, we have a need to impose order on our world, and the crime novel ultimately does that. The murderer is caught, or at least found out, and order is restored.

You have won many awards for your novels. Is there one or more that means something special?
DC: Oh, that’s tough. I love that Dreaming of the Bones received an Edgar nomination for Best Novel, because that’s a commendation from my peers. I’ve served on many an Edgar committee myself, so I appreciate the care and effort that goes into coming up with that short list.
But I’ve won three Macavity awards, which are given by Mystery Readers International, so I have a special fondness for them. What could be more fun than an award named after a poem by T.S. Elliott?

You are part of the Jungle Red Writers, Hank Phillipi Ryan; a General Fiction staple author is also a member.
Do you think social media is an important part of publishing and advertising novels?
DC: I think a social media presence is a necessity for authors these days. But it’s also fun, and I really enjoy interacting with readers.

Since you’re such a Brit-aholic. Are you a Downton Abbey fan?
DC: Yes, I’m a fan. But I’m a little less enthusiastic as the third season goes on for reasons that I can’t talk about without giving spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen it. I loved the first season, I think partly because we, as viewers, knew that the Edwardian idyll was coming to an end and that lent it enchantment.

What’s your favorite downtime activity to do while you’re in the UK?
DC: I always go to Portobello Market on Saturdays.  I love meeting friends for dinner. And just walking. Nothing beats walking in London.

If someone were planning their first trip to England and asked you to list one thing they shouldn’t miss. What would it be?
DC: One thing? Only one thing??  I guess I would have to say London. And I always tell first-timers to take the Big Bus Tour. It gives you a great feel for the city, and then you can pick and choose the places where you want to spend more time.

Are you planning any Barnes & Noble events or signings for this release?
DC: I am! I’ll be signing at the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Park in Dallas on February 27th, 7 p.m., and I’m so looking forward to seeing all my Dallas/Fort Worth area friends, family, and readers!

Deborah, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Good luck with the new novel.

Review to follow very soon


  1. Delightful interview and I have enjoyed quite a few of your novels. I would love to stay in Notting hill for a spell.

    1. Thanks Kim for the comment. I didn't know you were a fan. They're great novels aren't they.