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New Release The Wanderer by Robyn Carr Q&A plus giveaway

I'm so pleased to welcome back one of my favorite authors Robyn Carr who's releasing her brand new series today with The Wanderer. Her publicist Little Bird has graciously offered a giveaway copy of the novel to one lucky commenter.
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Here's what people are saying about it-

Susan Wurman from Fresh Fiction says "Have doubts about Carr's genius you won't after this absolute gem. Here's my suggestion run don't walk and get THE WANDERER."
Liza Dawson from Publishers Weekly -"Carr takes a detour from her bestselling Virgin River books with this solid contemporary series start. Henry “Coop” Cooper Jr. heads from Virgin River, Calif.Carr neatly weaves in the lives of other town residents, laying the groundwork for future books."

Robyn's QandA

Q: What would you tell someone who is coming to Thunder Point for the first time? What do you want them to know about the town as they jump into The Wanderer?

A:  My husband and I have moved around a lot, thanks to his years in the Air Force and commercial aviation.  Have you ever had the experience of living somewhere that just didn’t feel like your town?  Or, conversely, landing somewhere that made you think you were meant to be there?  When we drove from Texas to Sacramento and crossed over the Sierras into the Sacramento Valley, I remember thinking, Ahhhh, I’m a Californian!  I never realized!  I was instantly comfortable with the landscape, the people, the climate. 

Hank Cooper has always been a wanderer.  He’d lived and worked in a lot of beautiful and interesting places, but there’s something about this small coastal town and the people there that just hook him and make him think for the first time in his adult life, Maybe I’m home. 

Q: You’ve always been known for your strong female characters. The women in Thunder Point are no strangers to struggle, and we can already tell there are going to be some great stories coming from them! Why do you feel strong women are so important in your books?

A:  Well, they’re role models.  They’re admirable, which doesn’t mean perfect, it only means they’re indomitable and courageous and hopeful.  They’re basically good, intelligent, optimistic people.  They’re the kind of people I personally want to read about—I’m not real big on weak, weary, insipid characters who are older than five.  None of us can escape struggle—it’s part of life.  But whether we face it with determination and optimism or cringing weakness and fear makes all the difference in the outcome. 

Q: Readers fall in love with your male characters. Hank Cooper, aka Cooper, (from Robyn's bestselling Virgin River series) is especially dreamy… Is there an actor who you would like to see play his role if the series was ever turned into a movie?

A:  I don’t know the names of the younger actors very well, but James Denton seems to fit the profile. 

Q: The Wanderer has an element of mystery with the death of Cooper’s friend. (Don’t worry—we won’t give any spoilers!) Do you like writing suspense? Do you think we’ll see more suspense with the other books in the series?

A:  I don’t actually think of that as suspense.  Suspense is when you imagine you’re being chased by a guy with a bloody knife.  Nor do I think of it as mystery even though there is a mysterious element.  I think of it more as unanswered questions and a very obvious element of surprise coming.  It’s also suspenseful, in a way, waiting for the results of a biopsy or worrying about how the new kid at school will be received—with rejection or welcome?  But I think of those issues, the dramatic problems of daily life, and they’re quite mainstream, which means the average person will relate on some level—it either happened in their family, their neighborhood or their town.  That’s the grist of a small-town drama.  Whether the problems are large or small, there are conflicts to resolve and in doing so, the characters become more defined.  I hope this mirrors life —as we live and learn, come to terms with our personal issues and life in general, we are a compilation of stories to be told. 

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  1. I am a huge Carr fan and cried a little when the Virgin River series ended, they became family to me. I reviewed The Wanderer on my blog today and am exciting about the Thunder Point series. Totally agree that Cooper is dreamy! Wonderful interview off to tell my peeps they can win a copy here!

    1. Kim, thanks for you comment, I saw the review-http://www.caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/2013/03/release-day-review-wanderer-by-robyn.html
      there's the link for anyone who wants to see a great review

  2. I have never read a Robin Carr book and maybe starting with the first book in a series would be good.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for the comment. I would definitely suggest starting with the first in a series.

    2. Thanks....and I did mean to spell her name Robyn, but I didn't...darn!

  3. Mary Ann has been having trouble posting, so I'm going to do it for her. Here's what she says about Robyn, and her new novel.
    Thank you for your post and giveaway, Robyn; and your blog, Debbie. The drop-down box asked me why I want to read "The Wanderer". It's because based on the description, it sounds like my kind of romance---down-to-earth, realistic, relevant.

    I dig contemporary romances that are truly contemporary. No marriages of convenience; no outdated attitudes toward men, women, and their relationships. The real world of today should matter in the love story.

    Other readers and writers might prefer the sheer fantasy of a romance cocooned away from reality by wealth, power, and privilege---the hero's, of course. But can't relate to that. I'd rather read about the world I live in and people I can relate to. I believe a love story can and should be realistic AND romantic, with each aspect reinforcing the other.

    Good luck with your new and upcoming releases. Keep up the good work!

  4. I apologize to Mary Ann and any one else that hasn't been able to post. :(
    Blame it on the Gremlins