Monday, July 22, 2013

Week Three Discussion The Last Policeman––The End?

Well gang this is the final week's discussion.
Ben's out on book tour for Countdown City so I don't know how much time he can spend with us,

Here we go!

First did anything really surprise you about the final week's section?

Did Henry do what he set out to do?

Did you change your opinions about any of the characters?

Did Ben convince you to read Countdown City?

Final thoughts.


  1. Did Henry do what he set out to do? I think the answer is yes, but at a price. Putting someone in prison for the last few months is harsh, especially when that prisoner has a small child. I know, and he knows, that he did the right legal thing, but certainly this job is wearing on him. And I also think that Naomi's death is too difficult for him to cope with, especially now, closer to the end.

    Did Ben convince me to read the next book? The answer is YES! Thanks, Ben, for a great book. I'm going to recommend The Last Policeman to the World Book Night committee - keep your fingers crossed!

    1. It was a difficult end to the novel that's dealing with harsh realities too.
      Thanks Elaine Hope you like the next in the trilogy.
      too bad you're not in St Louis this week, Ben will be at left bank books on Thursday, No I couldn't get out of my B-Day party

    2. I was actually in St. Louis last weekend, for a whirlwind 36 hour trip. It's the third anniversary of my dad's passing, and our family met and went out to dinner. It was SO short, or I would have hunted you down. But I am sad to miss Ben at Left Bank - that's one of my permanent stops when I go home. Great bookstore - good luck, Ben! And have fun at your party, Deb, it will be worth it.