Friday, January 31, 2014

Review of our February read The Road To You by Marilyn Brant

One last post to whet your whistles about our February featured read
here's my review of The Road To You.
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The Road To You by Marilyn Brant

Aurora Gray knows what it’s like to imitate life, she’s been doing it for two years since her older brother Gideon and his best friend Jeremy McCafferty disappeared without a trace. Now in the summer of her high school senior year a new clue brings her hope that the boys are still alive when Gideon’s personal journal miraculously appears with what seems like new and cryptic entries. With her intuitiveness and her inquisitiveness on red alert she begins to de-code these mysterious entries only to discover that they’re leading her to specific destinations. Knowing she’ll need help she turns to the only person who’ll understand her turmoil, Jeremy’s older brother Donovan.
Donovan’s not convinced Aurora’s discovery is anything but a coincidence but he also knows that he can’t let her go on this adventure without him, not because he believes their brothers are alive but because the protector in him is yelling not to let her.
As they begin this journey they will make discoveries that will change them forever, that will make them question wrong and right, that will take very difficult to believe twists and dangerous turns, that will take them along the path of the mother of all highways, and will also lead them into a personal relationship that may determine their future; if they survive to experience it.

Marilyn Brant’s beautifully written new novel takes her talent to a new and darker level. It’s a heartrending tale of loss and of love, a masterful mix of mystery and romance with a good dose of a coming of age tale thrown in. Her meticulous and descriptive narrative paints a perfect picture of landscapes and scenes and gives a realistic look at a crime drama from the 70s, which just happens to be my personal hey-day and a road-trip on the historic Route 66 that will keep readers on the nail-biting edge of their seats until she decides to solve the puzzle and let her audience breathe again. Her characters are all superb but none better than her stars Aurora and Donovan who play their roles perfectly. Those of us who know her well will also see very personal qualities inside these pages and we will be yet again amazed at her talent, her storytelling and her knowledge of the human condition.
Marilyn we’ve been on many novelistic trips together and I’ll remember each of them but this one will resonate especially because of its emotion and passion. Thank you for this story and I can’t wait to see where you lead me next.



  1. So ready for this romantic mystery thriller!!!!! It looks to have all the excitement of out European adventure, but with a bit of danger and action. Woohoo!!!!

    1. HI Karen (waving) it's so good to be reunited with all my buds from the olde days LOL

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  3. That sounds really exciting Debbie. I've not read her before. Heading to Amazon now :)

  4. Debbie and Karen ~ you two already know I've been anxiously awaiting getting to spend February on a new travel adventure with you!! No passports necessary this time, but I know there'll still be a lot of fun ahead!! xox
    And Anna ~ thanks for taking a chance on reading a new author ;). Hope we'll get to see you during the book club, too!!