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Interview with Santa Sal Lizard-Being Santa Claus + Review

Happy Thanksgiving America!

It's almost time for Black Friday but before you get out there to shop til you drop I've got the interview you'll need before you head out the door. Sal Lizard aka Santa and I sat down a few years ago when his new book Being Santa Claus came out and it's become tradition for me to re-post it every year.

  • ISBN-13: 9781592408368
  • Publisher: Gotham
  • Publication date: 10/29/2013
  • Pages: 208


A veteran Santa reveals heartwarming true stories and lessons from his twenty-year career spreading Christmas magic.
With the holiday shopping season beginning earlier each year, more than ever.  Americans are struggling to remember the true meaning of Christmas. And who better to deliver the gift of Christmas inspiration than a man who has spent the last two decades playing Santa?

 Sal, I mean Santa, I know you’re terribly busy this time of year so thank you so much for taking time to visit us at The Reading Frenzy.
My pleasure, Debbie.

Tell us a little about the book Being Santa Claus.
People frequently ask me what it's like to be Santa. I think that this book gives a glimpse of some of the things and people who happened to me as I matured into a professional Santa. It explains, to many, why I do what I do.

Is there a reason that you wrote the book now?
I'd like to say something like, "Because this is the time when such a book is needed" but it was really because I ran into Jonathan Lane and he talked me into "a collaboration" to tell my stories to a wider audience.

Can you give us one humorous example out of the book?
In one of the chapters, I tell of a little girl who asked me my name while standing in a checkout line. I asked who she thought I was and she said, "I think you're Santa Claus." I told her that she should be really good and she replied, "I am! I'm not even peeing in my underpants!"

Do you only portray the Americanized version of Santa?
Well, I do have a kilt and used to appear to in it for Scottish families that requested it.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town," of course!

Will there be another book?
Gosh, I hope so! There are still stories to tell and I would love the opportunity to tell them. I guess it all depends on how this book sells.

Do you have any events or signings?
As a matter of fact, I do! My appearance list can be found
here- and you can book a visit with me there too!

Thank you so much for answering these few questions Sal. As you know I loved the book. I think it should be required reading for treating Grinch like symptoms around the holidays. It’s inspiring, touching, it was very heartfelt.
Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful review! I have been hearing from many how my book is helping them through some difficulty. One reader told me that she was going to give her sister (who is going through a tough divorce) a copy to cheer her up!

Good luck with the book.
Thank you so much for helping me share info about the book, and helping with its success!

Merry Christmas.
Same to you! And to all of your readers, too!
Santa Sal

Please stop by Santa's website here for touching, heartfelt and funny pictures, stories and to find out where Santa will be.

My Review of Being Santa Claus
Sal Lizard knows what it means to be Santa Claus; he knows the heartfelt and heartbreaking realities it brings every time he donned the red suit. He spent two decades learning from his mistakes and making miracles. He learned valuable life lessons from the smallest individuals. He laughed and he cried but he never took for granted the responsibility that came with Being Santa Claus.

For over 20 years, starting as a fluke and practical joke and ending as a career Sal Lizard takes us through the ups and downs, the laughter and tears and the true magic he found when he put on the red suit and became Santa Claus. He mentions his most poignant moments and his most trying. We’ll get to meet his family, the clients that called upon him year after year and some very creative ways to make all his stops and fulfill all the requests. He takes us through his time as a mall Santa to his special pajama visits on Christmas Eve. He’ll tell us stories about the youngest lap visit to the oldest. The naughty and nice lists that were always checked twice and the ever-present candy cane.

If you’re looking for a really great kickoff to get you in the Christmas Spirit this little, easy to read and emotional book should be first on your list. If you’ve lost the spirit or know someone who has just slip this little treasure into the stocking and those spirits will come back.
I only have one thing to say to Sal Lizard aka Santa. I still believe.

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  1. Such a cute interview!
    I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Debbie!

    1. thanks Kindlemom it was one of my all time favorites!!
      My Thanksgiving was fabulous, hoping yours was too!