Thursday, January 15, 2015

In Memory of romance icon Jacqueline Briskin - 1928-2015

When I first planned this post it was to showcase Romance Author Icon Jacqueline Briskin's earlier works being re-released as e-books by her publisher Penguin. Unfortunately Ms. Briskin died on Christmas Eve so I'm dedicating the post to her memory as the romance world mourns the loss of a Giant in the genre.
Here are the re-issued novels a bit about them and about their iconic author.

         Photo from 1982                                                Recent photo

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Alice Hollister grew up a migrant crop picker so desperate to escape the many abusive men in her life that she ran away from her beloved sister to make a new life for herself. Shortly after, she married Barry Cordiner, an aspiring lawyer who is part of a close-knit family in the movie business. Although her new in-laws take every opportunity to remind Alice that she isn’t good enough for Barry or their family, Barry’s uncle agrees to give Alice the chance to be an extra at his studio, and she jumps at the chance. Alice is quickly noticed by directors and executives for her beauty and allure. Over the span of only a few months, she transforms herself into into Alyssia del Mar, the ultimate screen love goddess. Her husband, however, is not supportive of her success, and their relationship quickly deteriorates into emotional ploys for attention. Meanwhile, Alyssia is pursued by Barry’s cousin Maxim, in whom she has no interest, but she finds herself falling in love with Maxim’s brother Hap. Despite a steamy affair, Alyssia and Hap are repeatedly separated by fate and Alyssia realizes that fame is by no means the key to happiness. From the glitter of Los Angeles to exotic and idyllic European locales, bestselling author Jacqueline Briskin takes readers behind the scenes of Hollywood’s hottest scandals—to a world where passion is power, money buys everything, and DREAMS ARE NOT ENOUGH.

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Two sisters, the beautiful and alluring Marilyn, and her smart and savvy sister Roy, move to Beverly Hills with their mother NolaBee after their father dies so that the girls can attend the posh public school Beverly Hills High. Though they live in relative poverty, Marilyn acts in all of the school plays at her mother's insistence, and she is quickly noticed by Linc, the oldest son of the iconic movie producer Joshua Fernauld. After only a few dates, Marilyn and Linc find themselves overtaken by a passionate romance that neither of them expected, and they are devestated when Linc, who is in the Airforce, is called back to duty overseas. Marilyn's acute loss continues to haunt her for years afterward when she and Linc suffer a tragedy worse than she ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Roy gratuates from high school and goes on to pursue her interest in fashion, becoming a successful business woman at an upscale women's boutique. Her closest friend, Althea, whom she befriended at Beverly Hills High, is a wealthy and mysterious beauty whose sharp remarks and unflinching composure hide deep and terrible secrets about her family life. Throughout their childhood, Althea is generous to Roy but deeply possessive of her. She often prevents Roy from pursuing romances or other friendships. As the pair grows older, Althea's antics grow worse until they find themselves embroiled in a love triangle with an artist named Gerry Horak that threatens to tear them apart once and for all.
An epic drama that spans continents and nearly half a century, Everything and More is a suspenseful tour de force by a master at the family drama. Readers will be hooked from the first page and surprised throughout by the passion, trickery, and emotion—culminating in a shocking twist that no one saw coming.

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Three sisters come to San Francisco after their mother dies to make a new life for themselves with the help of their wealthy uncle Gideon Talbott. The eldest, Honora, quickly falls in love with the suave and devastatingly handsome Curt Ivory, an employee at Talbott's engineering firm. When Gideon hears of their romance, he fires Curt and the young couple must flee down the Californian coast. Desperate to support himself and Honora, Curt starts his own firm called Ivory that quickly gains prominence and becomes Gideon's biggest business rival. Meanwhile, Crystal and Jocelyn are left with Gideon when their alcoholic father can no longer support them, and Crystal agrees to be Gideon's wife. Jocelyn is horrified by this development and moves in with Jocelyn and Curt. Over the next few years, she graduates from a prestigious college and begins work as an engineer at Ivory. Despite her talent in the workplace, she gives up her job to marry the charming yet reserved Malcolm Peck, a decision that leads her to make choices she will regret until the day she dies. Through it all, the sisters remain connected by an unbreakable bond that is tested again and again by betrayal, deceit, and twists of fate that shake them to their core.

A steamy saga that takes readers from engineering sites in the most remote corners of the globe, to the most posh neighborhoods of Hollywood, and finally to a dramatic conclusion on the floor of the senate, Too Much Too Soon is the ultimate exploration of love and the relationships that define us.


“First there was Jacqueline Susann. Then came Jackie Collins. And now a third Jackie must be added…Jacqueline Briskin.” – People

“Perfectly stunning…set in sin-filled, scintillating Southern California!” – Cosmopolitan on Everything and More

“Wealth, passion, secrets…glamorous settings, beautiful women, high drama…all the ingredients for a bestseller!” – Publishers Weekly on Everything and More

“Spellbinding.” – Publishers Weekly on Too Much Too Soon

“Yummy!”– Cosmopolitan on Too Much Too Soon

And here's an article in the LA Times regarding her death-

About The Author:
Jacqueline Briskin was born in London and grew up in Beverly Hills. She is the author of eleven historical novels, which have sold countless millions of copies worldwide. Her books have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and she has been a main selection of both the Literary Guild and Doubleday book clubs.


  1. How sad. :( I will have to read one of her novels, they all look so good!
    Thanks for posting about this Debbie!

    1. Thank Kindlemom, the passing of an icon is tragic but she lived a wonderful life
      thanks for the comment

  2. That's so sad Debbie! I never had an author that I read died, but I did have one of my super favorite narrators tragically died a few years back, I LOVE her work, she used to read Susan Elizabeth Philip's books (I don't know if you're familiar with the author) I know how close we can feel to this people through their work. The greatest thing about an artist is that their wonderful art never dies. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. Yes I love SEP Loupe, This is only one of many that I have lost. It's such a tragedy but she was 87 that's quite a legacy
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Thanks for sharing these, what a sad preface to the re-releases.