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**GIVEAWAY** Robin Bielman-His Million Dollar Risk-Book Blitz Tour

Welcome to my stop on the USA Today bestselling author, Robin Bielman, His Million Dollar Risk, Book Blitz tour.
Enjoy a few choice tidbits about the novel, about Robin and about some of her other novels.
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  • ISBN-13: 9781633751866
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
    #3 Take a Risk series
  • Publication date: 2/9/2015
  • Series: Take a Risk
  • Sold by: Macmillan
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 152


A sexy category novella from Entangled's Indulgence imprint. Determined to make his latest preservation project on Route 66 a success, Connor Gibson will take any good press he can get. Even if it means spending a week with a reporter. And even if it's one from a publication he has good reason to hate. Connor certainly isn't expecting a spontaneous and undeniably attractive blonde who makes him seriously hot for the press... Charlize Beckett is in deeeeptrouble. This is her one chance to prove to her publisher dad that she's a serious reporter, even if she has to pretend she's someone else. Even worse, Connor himself is way too charming for her to maintain any objectivity, or even keep her from getting into all kinds of sexy trouble. By going off the record, Charlie is putting both her reputation and her heart on the line...

Read an Excerpt:

Connor’s gaze whipped pleasure through her almost as hotly as his hands and mouth did. Flecks of silver sparkled in those gorgeous eyes of his and their attention traced over every inch of her with desire.
She pressed up, scooted her bottom to the edge of the bed, and went for the button of his jeans. “These need to come off.”
One of his hands covered hers while the other lifted her chin. Their eyes locked and then he bent and kissed her. The slow, deliberate kind of kiss. The kind that made her heart beat out of her chest because there was feeling behind it. Care.
He let out a groan and stood, made fast work of his zipper and shucked out of his pants and boxer briefs. His shoes and socks somehow came off in the process, too.
Charlie swallowed. He was gloriously sexy. The hottest man she’d ever seen with his sculpted chest and abs, narrow waist, long muscular legs dusted with dark brown hair. Her gaze roamed over every inch of him before settling on his erection. It was big, thick, and hard for her. Her mouth watered in anticipation.
She reached out to touch him but his hands moved to her waist and with quick speed and strength, he lifted her up and planted her farther back on the bed.
“You don’t mind if I taste first, do you?”

Here's the other books in the series

                                                                                                              One Night of Risk

Robin's E-Novella Yours at Midnight has just been re-released too!

Connect with Robin - Website - Facebook - Twitter- Goodreads

MEET ROBIN:Robin Bielman lives in Southern California, a bike ride away from the ocean if she’s feeling really adventurous. She loves books and baking and running on the treadmill while watching her favorite TV shows. When she’s not reading or writing her next story, she’s spending time with her high school sweetheart husband and two sons, most likely watching, playing, or discussing baseball. She drives too fast, drinks too much caffeine, and if every day were Cupcake Day, she’d be a happy camper! She loves to connect with readers. You can find her online at or on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. This sounds well yummy. I love novellas for late night so adding to my wishlist

    1. Thank you for adding me to your wish list!

    2. How right you are Kim, they are the perfect late night reading snack ;)

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  3. An intriguing and very interesting excerpt. Route 66 is wonderful. Best wishes and much happiness. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Thanks Debbie! Sounds good, I hope one day they get to publish it on audio and I will definitely give it go. They used to not do novellas, but I sen more and more of them popping out on audio, so maybe soon :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!