Monday, March 16, 2015

GoneReading Showcase

Today I'm showcasing my philanthropic partner GoneReading by displaying some new and notable items they've recently added.
Please check them out and visit their website for all your gifts for readers and reading accessories and remember that 100% after tax earnings go to support global reading charities.

The first item is Paperback scented
Shower gel from their new paperback
scented collection-A scent that I personally
wear and love. $19.99 Click HERE for
the buy page

The next item is a coffee table book
entitled The Public Library a selection
of Public Libraries old and new
grand and simple. At $35.00 it's the perfect
Gift for any reader. Click HERE for the
buy page.

Next is a set of 55 Antiquarian
book plates for only $12.99
Click HERE for the buy page

Next is for the well read woman in your life
It's the Well-Read Woman portrait book
It's 50 portraits of beloved heroine's in literature
each portrait is an original watercolor by illustrator
Samantha Hahn a steal at $19.95 Click HERE for
the buy page.

Here is the perfect gift for the dashboard of
a reader. The Shakespeare bobber to let the world
know how well read you are. $8.99
Click HERE for the buy page

This is the perfect way to instill a lifetime
love of reading with this wonderful
children's book I Hate To Read
$16.99 click HERE for the buy page

Either for yourself to show you're quick witted
or the perfect gift for a reading friend
The Shakespeare insults mug $12.95
Click HERE for the buy page

Here's a link to all the NEW AND NOTABLE products

These are just a few of the new and notable things that GoneReading has added recently so be sure and visit their website often so you don't miss out on anything.

Remember if you're a blogger they want to partner with you
If you're a retailer they want to stock your shelves virtually or physically
Click HERE for the About us Page that will lead you where you need to go
for more information.

Click HERE to read their mission statement

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  1. LOL! Okay the shower gel is a bit funny I admit but now I am curious to know how "true" of a smell it has! :P

    1. I wear the cologne all the time it has a very subtle clean scent with just a background hint of books.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Oh the shower gel! I've seen the perfume and thought that was awesome. I might have to do that next time I need some shower gel. How fun :D

    You doing okay Debbie?

    1. Thanks Anna, just overwhelmed right now. You're a sweetie for asking :)

  3. The shower gel just sounds cool!

  4. I have to agree to with everybody, that shower gel sounds cool. I don't think I ever had a chance to smell any products with that scent :) I'm curious.
    Thanks Debbie!