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**Giveaway** Interview - Soraya Lane - The Devil Wears Spurs

Please help me welcome new to me author Soraya Lane whose here chatting about her new novel, first in a new series, The Devil Wears Spurs.
Enjoy the interview then stick around for a chance to win a copy!
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Publisher: St. Martin's Paperback

Release Date: 6/30/2015
336 pages
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As a newcomer to the great Lone State, Chloe thinks she's immune to the charms of cowboys—until Ryder King comes along. A gorgeous rodeo star with a gambling problem should spell trouble for Chloe, who's as quick-witted as she is stunning. But there's something gentle in Ryder's otherwise wild nature that gives her pause. And she can only fight her attraction for
so long…?
Texas born, bred, and proud, Ryder has always had a way with the ladies—though not so much with poker. He's just bet, and lost, a third of his family's ranch in a game. Can Chloe, the daughter of a card sharp who knows how to play to win, team up with Ryder in Vegas to help him win it back? The closer Ryder comes to getting back the ranch, the greater he risks losing his heart to Chloe. Is he ready to lay it all on the line for her? And can she trust that Ryder is for real—or is one of Texas's most notorious playboys too good to be true?

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Soraya, Hi! Welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
Tell my readers a bit about your new novel, The Devil Wears Spurs.
Thanks for inviting me over! The Devil Wears Spurs is the first in my Texas Kings series, and it features the youngest King brother, Ryder. A rodeo star known for his risk-taking ways and his family wealth, Ryder likes living on the edge. Only he rode a little too close to the ledge at a poker night, betting his third of the ranch… and losing it. Lucky for him, he meets Chloe, the daughter of a card sharp. As quick-witted as she is beautiful, Chloe is prepared to win it all back for him, but of course there’s a catch :-)

This is the first in a new series.
How are the books related?
The books are about the three King brothers – three red-hot Texas billionaire cowboys who are devoted to their family ranch. We start with youngest brother Ryder, then ranch-loving Chase, and then the eldest brother, businessman Nate. I love all three of them!

Is there a set number?
It’s a three book series, but I would love to write one more story about a secret sibling… *hint hint to my editor!*

Soraya, I love the look of your website, it’s inviting, exciting and not too busy.
Did you design it?
No, I didn’t. Before I became a full time author, I worked as a freelance journalist. I mainly wrote features for magazines as well as advertising copy for advertising agencies. I met some great people in the industry, and used a local company here in New Zealand (Luxon Advertising) to design it – a company I used to write a lot of copy for!

Do you think a good website is important for an author?
Absolutely! I think it’s important to have all books listed there, including upcoming releases, because personally if I enjoy a book I instantly look up an author and often start to buy up her backlist J That could be why my TBR is so huge, and before you ask, yes, it’s a *real* TBR pile. I don’t read ebooks if I can help it, and on vacation recently I added a lot of weight to my suitcase carting three big books with me!

Soraya, it says on your bio that you’ve always dreamed of being an author.
When did your first book release?
My first book released in June 2011 with Harlequin Romance. I’d always dreamed of being an author, and I quit my day job and started to work as a freelance writer as my first step to doing what I loved. I worked on my manuscripts every day (and night), had years of rejections, and then finally sold. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to start working full time as an author, and that was a huge moment for me.

What would you say is the biggest change in your life since then?
Children! When I sold my first book I was pregnant with my first son and he’s now four. My other son is 18 months old, and it’s tough being a full-time mom and author. I have great family support, but nothing about working and being a mother is easy. Enjoyable and worthwhile and plenty of fun, but not easy!

Soraya, you write for different publishers and in different genres.
Is there a genre dearer to your heart than the others?
Yes. Contemporary romance and contemporary women’s fiction, because I feel those genres are a very natural fit for my voice, and I find the dialogue very natural to write. However, I love a challenge, and I also have a historical women’s fiction novel published, and a middle-grade series coming out next year! I’m passionate about getting kids to read and to love reading, so hopefully I’ll inspire some young girls to become passionate about reading my “pony” books.

Do your novels have to have a happy ending?

50 Shades of Grey, thumbs up or thumbs down?
I’m going to say thumbs up, but I haven’t actually read the series or seen the movie. Any book that gets people reading and talking about reading is worthy of a thumbs up, and there was obviously something very addictive and captivating about the story telling in the book to captivate so many readers.

Soraya, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.
Good luck with the new book and series!!
Thanks for having me!
 Praise for The Devil Wears Spurs
"Hot, handsome cowboys and sharp, amusing banter make Lane's latest a fun, sexy read. Rdyer is tough and charming yet genuine. Add in Chloe's sassiness and they make an appealing couple with their intense chemistry lighting up the pages. With down to earth characters in a Western setting, Lane tells a story that will keep readers engaged until the very last page." - Romantic Times 4 Star Review

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As a child, Soraya Lane dreamed of becoming an author. Fast forward more than a few years, and Soraya is now living her dream! Soraya describes being an author as "the best career in the world", and she hopes to be writing romance for many years to come.
Soraya loves spending her days thinking up characters for books, and her home is a constant source of inspiration. She lives with her own real life hero and two sons on a small farm in New Zealand, surrounded by animals and with an office overlooking a field where their horses graze.

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  1. Congratulations to Soraya Lane! Sounds like a great story!

  2. Ooo a new series and I love the sound of it already. Congrats and thanks for the chance to win it. We are having a BBQ with family this weekend :)