Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Showcase Multiple Listings by Tracy McMillan

Tracy McMillan is no stranger to writing having already penned non-fiction plus a successful career in writing for TV and most recognized for Mad Men. Now she's tried her hand at fiction so read on and I'll bet you want to pick up a copy of Multiple Listings for yourself!

ISBN-13: 9781476785523
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: 03/08/2016
Length: 336pp
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What would you do if your ex-con father suddenly came to visit…indefinitely? Family drama ensues when Nicki’s dad unexpectedly wants to move in with her, her son, and her boyfriend in this comedic novel from successful TV writer Tracy McMillan.
Nicki Daniels owns a home appraisal business, but real estate is her true passion: she lives for open houses and really knows her way around a floor plan. And especially at this juncture of her life, real estate has come to signify the stability she is trying to build with her teenage son, Cody, and her much younger boyfriend, Jake. She’s finally ready to find the perfect house for the three of them and work on a new business venture with Jake that she thinks will jump-start their lives together.
Meanwhile, Ronnie, a longtime inmate at a nearby correctional facility, is getting some good news for once—there was a mistake in his sentencing, and he’s eligible to get out of prison. Ronnie decides his best option to avoid homelessness is to move in with his estranged daughter: Nicki. Even though they haven’t spoken in years, her door is always open to him, right?
Imbued with wit and profound insight into relationships, Multiple Listings speaks poignantly—and often hilariously—about the ties that bind families of all types together.

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“Multiple Listings will make you cry both from laughing hysterically and pulling on your heartstrings with its beautiful message about what really makes a house a home. A must-read!”
– Eva Longoria

"Tracy McMillan brings her trademark blend of sassiness and compassion to Multiple Listings, finding both hilarity and wisdom in unlikely places. McMillan's sparkling wit, gimlet eye for detail and large, generous heart infuse the pages of her wonderful and compulsively readable new novel. You won't be able to put it down!"
– Jillian Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of SOME GIRLS and EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED

"McMillan brings readers hard choices, dysfunctional families, love and laughter, all rolled into one superb novel."
– RT Book Reviews, four-star review

"Multiple Listings is a compelling page-turner that leaves the reader at once satisfied and curious.”
– Chicago Tribune

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Tracy McMillan is the author of the memoir I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway, as well as Why You’re Not Married…Yet, based upon an essay she wrote for theHuffington Post that went viral. She has appeared as a relationship coach on the NBC reality show Ready for Love and on talk shows, including the Today show and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. In addition to her books, Tracy has written for the Emmy Award–winning AMC series Mad Men, as well as Showtime’s United States Of TaraMultiple Listings is her first novel.


  1. Fun that she went from TV to books!

  2. Love those real estate programmes on TV so this would be a book I think I would enjoy and sounds fun.

    1. Oh Kathryn we have a few here in the US that are really addicting!!

  3. I got this in the mail Debbie, and it sounds interesting. I love HGTV, so I will probably read this soon :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the intro. :-)

  5. That's neat that she's been able to try her hand at so many forms of writing!

  6. This does sound interesting. I'm a fan of give ex-cons a second chance (depending on what they did, some people I just don't believe are capable of rehabilitation, but I think that the majority of people in prison are).

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads