Monday, April 11, 2016

Showcase Dissent: Book 1 of the Nexus by Thomas Olbert

I love bringing new to me authors to light and here's yet another. Enjoy the showcase of Dissent by Thomas Olbert!

ISBN-13: 9781942342892
Publisher: Phase 5 Pulbishing, LLC
Release Date: 3/31/2016
Length: 232
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This thrilling and inventive space opera takes us to a fascinating and terrifying future where newborn life is won in battle and death. Genetic engineering has removed the male influence and Femes, a sapien race similar to legendary Amazon Warriors, fight each other for supremacy across the galaxy.
Despite being born with the genes of nobility, Kaylenn decides to prove herself in battle. Nothing is more sacred to a Kralite. When her government declares war, she is eager to prove herself again. All opponents fall before her, but when she has no choice but to place her faith in Saaryth--a lowly Kaltaarist squadron commander--or face glorious death herself, she chooses to live.
Born to the tribe, Saaryth embodies the unity and self-sacrifice that is the birthright of all Kaltaarists. After years of being marginalized by their Kralite-led government, Saaryth shows Kaylenn the potential of the many working together in perfect harmony to accomplish a single goal. But Kaylenn's fiery passion awakens within Saaryth desires forbidden to Kaltaarists: she doesn’t want to share.
Their union provokes the ire of the governments and corporations controlling the galaxy, but is the only hope to save Kaylenn's homeworld. The Nexus is always watching… and its judgment is neigh.

Appropriate for Adults: Moderately Explicit Violence and Death, including domestic violence; Brief explicit same-gender sexual situations; Profanity; Violence against and death of animals
Phase 5 Elements: Another World 205; Gynogenesis 99; Culture Clash 212

Connect with Thomas - Author's Publisher page - Author Blog - Twitter
Meet Thomas:
Thomas Olbert is a resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts and enjoys writing sci-fi and paranormal fiction, good films, good plays, spending time with family, volunteering with community groups and long walks along the Charles.

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  1. Kind of a weird yet pretty cover for this! Thanks for sharing it Debbie!

  2. What a unique worldbuilding! I love that about sci-fi. I'll have to keep this one in mind.

    1. hmmm, you'll have to let me know if you read it!

  3. If this weren't sci-fi but more paranormal, I'd totally read this because "Moderately Explicit Violence and Death, including domestic violence; Brief explicit same-gender sexual situations; Profanity; Violence against and death of animals".

    1. I tend to like both sci-fi and paranormal, Thanks for the comment Braine!

  4. Interest premise and the cover is freak-tastic!


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