Monday, May 16, 2016

Showcase - Review of Immersed in Fire: For The One That I Love by A.M. Sterling

Last September I introduced to my readers the writing team of Ashley and Mitch Sterling 
aka A.M. Sterling with their debut novel, Immersed in Fire: Trial by Seduction
Today I'm bringing you part two in the trilogy, Immersed in Fire: For the Love of My Life.
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ISBN-13: 9781519741141
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Release Date: 03/31/2016
Length: 260pp
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Veta thought that her nightmare was finally over. Her lover Cade had been acquitted of all six murders and although she'd had a brief moment of doubt...she was ready to forget the past and build a future with the man she loves. She has the ability to make excuses for everything he does. Is it blind love...or is he really innocent? She wishes that everyone would just forget the past and allow her and Cade their future...together.
Marshall Vance can't forget. Cade killed his sister and he's willing to dedicate his life to making sure he doesn't do it again...and get away with it. For half a year after the trial he watches Cade's every move. He hates that Veta is blinded by her feelings for Cade and he worries about her constantly. Things seem okay on the surface, but Marshall knows it's only a matter of time until the monster inside Cade comes back out to play. His fears seem to be proven right when another girl is killed in her bathtub. The murder is terrifyingly reminiscent of the H20 killer and Marshall has no doubt that killer is Cade.
Veta is conflicted...once again. Veta's brother Peter agrees with Marshall and the two men decide it's time to take the choice out of Veta's hands and act. Marshall whisks her away and Veta's life falls back into peaceful routine for a time...but a killer is watching. A killer who thinks Marshall Vance has taken what rightfully belongs to him, and he wants it back. This killer has no conscience, no remorse and will do anything to get what he wants. What he wants is the love of his life...and her name is Veta.

My Review

Sterling and Wilson’s second in their Immersed in Fire series is a darkly erotic, adult only, psychological thriller that continues seamlessly from book one. The storyline has so many addicting twists and turns readers will need something to hold on to, the dialogue is fast paced, interesting and informative and gives readers a sinister peek at the hold a sociopath can have on his victim. The POV now shifts from just the female protagonist to her and the two male stars as the heinous cat and mouse game continues. Just as the first this one ends with a cataclysmic cliffhanger and is not for the faint of heart. But if you like your thrillers on the edgy side this read is for you. The series must be read in order and I Can Not wait for book three!

Veta Keller’s wish has been granted, the man she loves, the man who she’s convinced isn’t the H2o serial killer, Caden Poe has been released from prison and acquitted for the murders he was on trial for, so now maybe they can start really living their lives without such a dark cloud over their heads. She’s well aware that her brother Peter, Cade’s defense lawyer and one of the victim’s brother, PI Marshall Vance are still both sure of his guilt and she needs to convince them otherwise. Just as things are getting good the H2o killer is back on the prowl and she’s seen some very convincing evidence that Cade is the monster her brother and Marshall have been accusing him of. She wants to trust Cade but her instincts are telling her to run!

Book One

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Meet Ashley and Mitch:
Ashley and Mitchell Sterling are new author/indie-publishers and video-bloggers on YouTube known as ‘Fly by Family’. When they’re not writing or talking to a camera lens, the Sterlings value their time together, in the beautiful bluegrass-laden wilderness of eastern Kentucky, where they live with their two children, Nova and Mars.

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  1. Thanks for the showcase and review for this one Debbie!

  2. I can deal wiith cliffies, it's torture sure, but if the story isn't good then it won't be a "cliffie" meaning it wouldn't matter. So if it's cataclysmic then it must be great!

    1. it was great, I mean they've completely turned the tables on the first book, I'm pulling out my hair and begging for the uncorrected, right now I don't care that its not finished book three ;-) LOL

  3. Oh, this does sound intense and I love it when I'm never sure if the lover is innocent or guilty.

    1. OMG, OMG, OMG Sophia Rose this series is driving me insane I need to know what happens NOW!!! ;-)

  4. Ooo this sounds so good Debbie. I have book one and two on my Amazon wish list now!!!

  5. Ooo wait wait wait erotic dark psychological thriller? Um. I need!