Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother of the Bride break May 18th Through May 22nd

Starting today I'm taking a break from blogging to be mother of the bride

I get to put on my fancy duds and walk the Bride down the aisle

My daughter her fiancé, me and the wedding party are heading south for the festivities

Here's where in the world we'll be

Sunning and Funning 

Sleeping and 


And of course celebrating the marriage of two wonderful people

See you when we return
Wish you were here!!


  1. How exciting!! Congratulations to you all and I hope everything goes smoothly and is just beautiful!

  2. Eee!! I hope yall are having a wonderful time already! I can't wait to hear (and hopefully see!) how it goes :)

  3. Sounding and looking so wonderful. Hope you enjoy every moment and safe travel and happy catch up times.

  4. Woohoo!

    Best wishes and a wonderful experience for you and your family at the wedding. :)