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**GIVEAWAY** Showcase - Only: The Alex Connor Chronicles Book 3 by Parker Sinclair

I'm excited to bring you this spotlight for Parker Sinclair's Only, the third book in her Alex Connor Chronicles fantasy series.
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ISBN-13: 9780998405339
Publisher: Rawlings Book, LLC
Release Date: 07-10-2017
Length: 218pp
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One would think the sassy, sexy hybrid Earthen Protector and Healer Alex Conner deserves some downtime after all she’s been through. But no. Instead, she finds herself trapped by the king of the Fae, and he’s not letting her go until he gets what he wants.

As alternate realities tangle her in confusion and bring her close to forgetting who she is and everyone she loves, will she unwittingly give the king what he craves?

If she does escape, will she ever pick up where she left off with her sexy Adonis Ryan? And can she control the new power she never knew she could wield—one over life and death itself—or will she be entangled in a realm whose ruler is hell-bent on entrapping her and someone she holds dear, forever?

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A maniacal laugh breaks through the dank, frigid prison. Unsure how I could have missed it before, I am suddenly hyperaware of someone else close by.
“Who’s there?”
Do I really want an answer? Whoever’s there is either responsible for me being here or making sure I stay put until they get what they want. The answer comes in the form of a male voice, one bearing the tones of a person who holds all the cards, the control, and the kingdom.
“Alex Conner—Eila, as my foolish son so lovingly addressed you—how do you like your new home? I find it more than adequate for someone of your stature. There’s only one reason you are not dead, and that is because I need something from you, Ms. Conner. Something I will get by any means necessary.”
Staring out into the darkness, I can hardly make out the form speaking to me. I can’t see any other cells, but I am sure they exist. The space appears unending outside my sight. Booted feet approach, and I see the king coming into view in green velvet robes and a metallic crown resembling branches on his head. As he moves closer, I can barely grasp the resemblance to the boy I knew as a child, yet there’s no mistaking who he is. The only question is what he wants. Making me pay for what happened to his son is my first guess, but he’s not attacking me, as I would expect him to, if that were what he wants.
“I’m sorry about Lestan, your son. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I loved—I love him. Let me try to bring him back. We can work together. Is this all really necessary? I wasn’t even the one who did it!”
My anger is coming purely from a place of grief and the fear of being entrapped in this place all alone. More laughter echoes around me as the king’s head falls backward and his insanity becomes horrifyingly apparent. He strides forward and hovers just outside the bars where any move I make toward him will be greeted with the same fiery pain as before. Not wanting to show the king that he, or my circumstances, scare me in any way I approach the bars so we are face-to-face with only mere inches separating us.
“My son chose his fate when he failed me over and over again. And allowing himself to die at the hands of a lower being is what he deserved!” The king, Lestan’s poor excuse for a father, screams his final words laced in his own spit and venom into my face, yet I refuse to take even one step back. If I’m not here to pay for what happened to Lestan or to bring him back, then why in the hell did he bring me here?
Reaching underneath my eye to wipe away his spittle from my face, I step closer to the bars of my shitty cell and stare into the king’s face. Enraged to a point of blurring the lines between sanity and mania, my teeth course across each other in a painful jarring sound. Unlatching my jaw, I spit my words right back at him. “Then what does the king of Avalon, of the Fae, want from me, huh? What can I possibly have that you need?”
He stares at me, and for a second I see him searching for something. Is it my face? My eyes? As he stares, I see a flicker of recognition followed by something that could be pain, yet in an instant it’s gone. It means something, but the silence in our shared space, a silence that isn’t completely quiet because I can still hear the blood rushing and pounding in my ears, is an eerie quiet, one on the precipice of a vicious storm, a tragic, world-ending hurricane.
“All in due time, my dear. All I need from you I will find soon. So soon. If you think your life was full of misery before, you’re in for quite a shock, because the things I can and will do to you far exceed anything you’ve experienced before. That I promise you, just as I promised my son the same if he didn’t do as I asked. And I assure you, he fought me for a long time, and look what he became. A jealous man-child worth killing. Now what do you think will become of you, Alex? I know I’m dying to find out.”

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Meet Parker:
Parker Sinclair gives credit to the development of her imagination and passion for writing to multiple childhood destinations lacking indoor plumbing. While attending college, Ms. Sinclair studied biological sciences and psychology, specifically animal behavior, but her love has forever been to write. Since 2007, Ms. Sinclair has called Virginia Beach home where she is a licensed professional school counselor and a full-time writer, and finds time to write late into the night after her kiddos and in many cases, her husband are fast asleep.

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