Monday, August 21, 2017

Showcase - The Lady of Royale Street by Thea De Salle

Today I'm showcasing The Lady of Royale Street by Thea De Salle, it's number 3 in her NOLA Nights series and available starting today.

ISBN-13: 9781501156106
Publisher: Pocket Star/Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 08-21-2017
Length: 252pp
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OVERVIEW:From the New York Times bestselling author of the NOLA Nights series comes a rollicking, sexy tale of opposites attracting in the midst of wedding planning.

Alex DuMont is everything his brother Sol isn’t: regimented, serious, and devout. Between twelve-hour workdays, service to the church, punishing daily workouts, and bi-weekly therapy sessions, Alex is, as Sol once put it, “a kettle perpetually whistling as it boils itself to death.” So when Sol announces his marriage to Arianna Barrington, heiress and society sweetheart, Alex is the absolute worst choice to be his best man. Sol asks anyway and Alex reluctantly agrees. It’s only a week, after all, and Alex should be able to stop himself from throttling his big brother for a meager seven days. Probably. Maybe.

Theresa Ivarson is Arianna’s best friend and the maid of honor. A decorated photojournalist who interrupts her globetrotting to stand beside her friend, Theresa is beautiful, witty, and unafraid to speak her mind. So when she is faced with working with the best man from Hell, a Viking who doesn’t know how to smile, is bossy, and about as pleasant as a cactus, the sparks are bound to fly—and not in the good way. To make matters worse, Sol and Rain's wedding planner was hit by a bus the week before their special day, and Alex and Theresa find themselves at the center of a list-ditch effort to pull the wedding together. But when you can’t decide if you want to kiss or kill someone, something’s bound to break.

Goodreads reviews––

Chris  Carroll
I flipping love this series.
It's exciting to find a series that you enjoy reading time after time. Last year I was introduced to the author and I have reviewed and enjoyed three books in her Nola Nights series. The Lady of Royale Street is the third addition and as I said in the beginning, I flipping love this series, and this book!

I have to say the character development in this book came as somewhat of a surprise. I love Alex's character and to add a twist to the story, the
Liv (Stories For Coffee)
Jul 22, 2017rated it really liked it
Shelves: review-requested
The Lady of Royale Street is an adorable and quick read following the previous two novels in the NOLA Nights series by Thea de Salle. It centers around Sol and Rain’s impending wedding day and the mishaps that keep occurring beforehand. Alex, Sol’s reluctant best man and brother, must work together with Theresa, Rain’s snarky maid of honor, in order to get things running smoothly before the big day, if only they could get along for more than five minutes.

This story was so adorable from the mome
Fadwa (Word Wonders)
Jul 20, 2017rated it really liked it
I received an arc of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review

Full review originally posted on my blog: Word Wonders 

Finishing this book is so bitter sweet *cries*, I’ve been so invested in this series and these characters for the last month and reaching this last book -at least for a while- has made me very happy but very very sad as well. Don’t get me wrong, the events are happy but I just want to read about Sol & Rain (The King of Bourbon Street), Maddy& Darren (The
Jul 23, 2017rated it really liked it
You know, just when you think you can predict how this is about to go down, Thea de Salle throws you a curveball. A fun one, too. Detailed review to come.
Isha Coleman
Aug 15, 2017rated it it was amazing
Shelves: first-readsnetgalley
The Lady of Royale Street (NOLA Nights) by Thea De Salle
NOLA Nights are mysterious, exotic and hard to resist. Ms. De Salle has imagined a world where the men are hot enough to chase away the chill and the women are smart enough to go in for the kill. The Lady of Royale Street sets the mood for some summer fun in the sun and some steamy summer nights.
Katie Mock
Apr 21, 2017rated it it was amazing
I've never teared up reading something so delightfully smutty. Can't wait til the next one!
Aug 01, 2017rated it it was amazing
The NOLA Nights series has been packed with sultry sexual encounters and lots of profound emotions. In the third release, part of the spotlight is on the imminent marriage of Sol and Arianna from the first story, but the main focus is on Alex DuMont and Theresa Ivarson, two individuals who would seem to have nothing in common except for their connection to the bride and groom. Being forced to work together to pull off the grand wedding lets the couple understand what the other is really like, an ...more
Aug 05, 2017rated it really liked it
Shelves: romance
Thea de Salle turns up the heat, but not the kink in her latest NOLA Nightsbook. Although the sex scenes in this book are more vanilla than the prior books, they are no less steamy and graphic. Ms. de Salle holds little back in this book.
Alex DuMont is everything his brother isn’t. He is staid, serious and pious. His Catholicism is very important to Alex and he makes sure to attend confession and mass every week. This piety is a little extreme for his fun loving brother. Although Sol and Alex
Troix Jackson
Aug 10, 2017rated it it was amazing
I spent a lot of time debating with myself how I was going to review The Lady of Royale Street when I was approved for an ARC. I loved the first two installments in the NOLA Nights series like, almost way too much? And I wanted to review the third in the series in a different way than I would usually. I decided to just stick to an edited version of my original book notes, which I normally draft up before I write a review. (This is not at all because it was hard for me to put my feelings into wel ...more
Jul 31, 2017rated it really liked it
Shelves: arc
Alex's book! Who doesn't love a seriously uptight hero? Alex and Theresa were a fantastic match but to be honest, I found theirs to be not quite as sexy or funny as the first two books (The King of Bourbon Street and The Queen of Dauphine Street. Theirs was a more internal journey with Alex trying to figure out what he really wants; I loved that a really bad dad joke from Alex's best friend Darren saved the day.

Speaking of which, I loved reuniting with all the characters: Sol, Rain, Maddy, Darr
Books and Boys Book Blog
Aug 12, 2017rated it really liked it
***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***

Another amazing addition to the NOLA Nights series comes The Lady of Royale Street by Thea De Salle. This quick read with witty-banter will have you smiling and swooning throughout this steamy addition.

Mistaking the maid of honor for his brother’s wedding for a ruthless paparazzi photographer, has left Alex DuMont in a bit of a predicament when it comes to Theresa Ivarson. She is full of spitfire and sass with her red hair and lavish/ tapered
Heather andrews
Aug 07, 2017rated it it was amazing
When it comes to Theresa Alex is one touchy feely man, "his hand looped around her waist and then dropped down to affectionately pat her ***. “I’m sorry I didn’t leave a note. I didn’t think I’d be gone that long. I figured you might be hungry by the time I got back, though.” Thhis was such a fun read for me, Alex was just always messing up and being inside Theresa's head was entertainment in itself.
Marie (Booklover)
more, please!
Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)
I feel like I just watched the last episode of my favorite tv show. I'm so heartsick and I miss all these characters already *insert crying emoji*
Jul 11, 2017rated it it was amazing
i can already tell this will be a new favorite (: i devoured the first two super quickly and i love alex. cant wait to meet theresa!
rated it it was amazing
Jul 15, 2017
Kina Reviews
Jul 12, 2017marked it as to-read
August seems to far away after you binged the rest of the series! Ah! I need more NOLA.
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Meet Thea:
Thea de Salle is the pseudonym of a New York Times bestselling author spinning sweet, naughty, funny kissing stories with her best friend. Thea’s handlers live in South Shore Massachusetts with a small army of furry, short-legged creatures. Their collective interests are books, jewelry, makeup, travel, and oodles of inappropriate humor. You can find Thea on Twitter and Facebook.