Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Showcase - East in Paradise by Tif Marcelo Simon and Schuster

I'm happy to showcase #2 in Tif Marcelo's Journey to the Heart series, East in Paradise.
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East in Paradise is Tif's second novel.


ISBN-13: 9781501169496
Publisher: Pocket Star
Release Date: 09-04-2017
Length: 390pp
Buy It: Amazon/B&N/Kobo
When an entrepreneur and an Army reservist end up in their own reality show fauxmance, they have to decide whether their love exists just for the cameras...or if it’s for real in this warmhearted romance, perfect for foodies and wine lovers!

Bryn Aquino, the former manager of a Filipino restaurant, knows the value of hard work. With a shiny new MBA in tow and an investor, she’s ready to start her own business: a culinary retreat where visitors can relax, cook, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Dubbed Paraiso Retreats, she leases the childhood home of army reservist Mitchell Dunford—who returned from Afghanistan to revive his family’s vineyard—but finds herself in a bind when her investor pulls out of the business.

When the retreat catches an internet live stream producer’s eye through social media channels, Bryn is offered the opportunity of a lifetime—to document her journey in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Excited, Bryn happily agrees to the arrangement...only to find out that she’s going to have to fake an onscreen romance with her indifferent landlord in order to keep her audience interested.

As Mitchell and Bryn put on a show for the cameras, they find their romance isn’t hard to fake. They’ve got more in common under their bluster, banter, and doubts. As their relationship heats up and the cameras keep rolling, the line between show and reality blurs. And when the pressures of family, business, and the audience stack against them, will their romance survive internet stardom? Or was it just for show?

excerpt courtesy Pocket Star e-books––

East in Paradise



Coffee is life, but these days, grabbing a cup in town is enough to kill me. Gone are the days when I could breeze into Golden Café, order my usual extra-large cup to wake the dead, and be out in two minutes, tops. When the most I’d give were the customary greetings polite enough to satisfy the etiquette Granny drilled into my thick skull. And yeah, I’d smile, too, because that was easy enough.

Now, everything is a production: the predictable turn of faces when I walk through the glass front door. The good-neighbor greeting when the customers see me, and then . . . then comes the announcement.

“And here’s our hero: Captain Mitchell Dunford.” Samuel Cornelius’s voice booms as I take my second step onto the retro black-and-white checkerboard tile.

My entire body winces as the café comes to a screeching halt at the declaration. Utensils clatter to a stop. The whir of the cappuccino machine frother ceases. Tourists huddled over their cups of hot cocoa, wearing Gold Country hats and T-shirts, raise their eyebrows as if I were the leprechaun himself.

And Granny asks why I don’t head into town often . . . it’s because of this. It’s because of the whirlwind my presence causes. From the second I came back home to Golden two weeks ago, it’s been a fiasco.

I’m reminded each time I come to town that I’m not the same person who left for the Army almost nine years ago.

But I suck it up, square my shoulders anyway, and casually salute. It earns me a round of applause. I’ve realized the more affable and cool I am, the faster I can grab my coffee and get on with my day.

Plus, Sam Cornelius is like family and a Golden original. His dad opened the café decades ago. The man gave me my first taste of coffee when I was twelve. Granny would kill me for being rude, and crossing that eighty-something-year-old woman is not something I ever intend to do. She’s tougher than a drill sergeant.

“Extra-large coffee for you, Mitch.” A cup slides in front of me, steam spiraling from the dark liquid. The aroma hits my nostrils, and my blood pressure rises to living status. Yes. Yes. Yes. Just enough oomph to get me to smile.

“Thanks, Jaime.” I nod to the little girl behind the counter. Or, not so little anymore. The years have put what looks like two feet on her, and braces and the coffee shop apron have replaced the pigtails and overalls she used to wear.

Her eyes examine me. “No cream or sugar, just how you like it. Want a banana muffin to go?”

The Series
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Meet Tif:
Tif believes in and writes about heart-eyes romance, the strength of families, and the endurance of friendship. A craft enthusiast and food-lover, Tif is a veteran Army Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Public Administration, and is inspired daily by her own military hero and four children.