Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Showcase - Hang Time by S.W. Lauden Greg Salem book 3

Today I'm showcasing S.W. Lauden's final book in his Greg Salem trilogy, Hang Time.

ISBN-13: 9781945572715
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Greg Salem Mysteries #3
Release Date: 1-16-2018
Length: 288pp
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Touring in a band is murder. Or is it suicide? After narrowly surviving a hellish season with a murderous drug kingpin, Greg Salem and his sidekick/drummer are back at home in The Bay Cities. A tour looms for their infamous punk band, Bad Citizen Corporation, but first Salem & Associates must wrap up a jealous husband case tied to a cheating hip-hop bombshell. BCC plays a warm up show when a dead body turns up in their dressing room―the first of many during this ill-fated reunion.

The final book in the Greg Salem trilogy, Hang Time, brings together the colorful cast of characters from Bad Citizen CorporationGrizzly Season in a thrilling and atmospheric series finale fueled by sex, drugs, backstabbing band mates, cheating spouses and vicious cops. The non-stop action will keep readers dangling until the very end.


Publisher's Weekly
Lauden’s frenetic conclusion to his Greg Salem trilogy (after 2016’s Grizzly Season) finds the 41-year-old punk rock front man and part-time PI preparing for a reunion tour with his cobbled-together Bay Cities, Calif., band, Bad Citizen Corporation. Things get off to a bad start with the discovery of a suicide in the band’s storage closet that’s a copy of the 1998 suicide of Greg’s older brother, Tim. Meanwhile, Greg and Marco Johnson, his PI partner and fellow band member, are trying to wrap up a case involving Latina rapper Gabriella Flores, who may have been cheating on her husband; complications arise when Marco gets involved with her. Once the band gets to Santa Barbara, another suicide turns up in their music trailer. Then there’s the fallout from a popular and inflammatory book, Among the Grizzlies, detailing the band’s origins and rise. In addition, Greg, a recovering alcoholic, falls off the wagon, adding to his problems with his wife, Kristen. Lauden’s busy, unpolished thriller will appeal mostly to fans of the first two volumes. (Jan.)
A free-wheeling private detective runs afoul of a powerful record producer, the police, and thugs of all shapes and sizes.

“Punk hunk” by night, private investigator by day, singer Greg Salem and his drummer/sidekick Marco have just finished a successful gig with their band, Bad Citizen Corporation, and are looking at a tour. Tragedy intervenes in the form of a corpse hanging from a door at the club they’ve just played. A 1998 prologue has already shown Greg’s older brother, Tim, hanging himself. Ominously, the corpse the Corporation finds has a note pinned to it: “I am Tim.” While Los Angeles police try to unravel that mystery, Salem & Associates catch an interesting job: trailing voluptuous Gabriella Flores, wife and protégée of high-powered record producer Tony Flores. It turns into a wild evening, with drunken Gabriella rescued from a probable abduction/assault and showing her gratitude by sleeping with unchivalrous Marco. When a picture of Greg and Gabriella holding hands is posted online, two of Flores’ thugs kidnap him and take him to their boss for a grilling. Flores throws a curveball by suggesting that he might be interested in Bad Citizen. Even though Salem & Associates are off the job, they’re compelled to investigate when murder enters the picture. Against this backdrop, the case of the hanged man (including flashbacks to Tim in 1998) and plans for the Bad Citizen tour move inexorably forward. Never a dull moment.
Lauden’s prose zooms along with an arch energy, and the final installment in his Greg Salem trilogy (Grizzly Season, 2016, etc.) keeps the plot twists coming at warp speed.

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