Thursday, September 19, 2019

September '19 Harlequin Special Edition series showcase + review of When You Least Expect It by Helen Lacey

Today I'm showcasing the Harlequin Special Edition series for September 2019 a series line that I have loved for years and still miss reviewing since RT reviews went under.
I hope you enjoy the showcase and my review of Helen Lacey's When You Least Expect It, a touching second chance romance.

A Man You Can Trust

by Jo McNally
Miniseries: Gallant Lake Stories
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

She doesn’t need a man
But she could use a friend

When the new director of security, Nick West, arrives at Gallant Lake Resort, Cassie Smith’s carefully protected life is turned upside down. The handsome ex-cop insists on teaching her self-defense, and as Cassie learns she can indeed make it on her own, she starts wondering if she wants to! But when Cassie’s safety is threatened, she must choose: continue running from her past…or take a stand for a brighter future.
Jo's website

Home to Blue Stallion Ranch

by Stella Bagwell
Miniseries: Men of the West
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

She can tame any wild stallion…
but can she change this cowboy’s mind?

Rancher Holt Hollister has no interest in selling his horses to new neighbor Isabelle Townsend. The petite blonde looks like she stepped off a runway, not a ranch. Yet Isabelle is determined to prove she can hold her own—both in and out of the saddle. Holt may have finally met his match, but is he ready to be the man Isabelle needs to make her dreams come true?
Stella's Harlequin Page

The Marine's Family Mission

by Victoria Pade
Miniseries: Camden Family Secrets
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

Of all the people who had come to give condolences for her brother-in-law It had to be him.

Four years ago, Declan Madison rescued Emmy Tate from a bombed Afghan school—and brutally dismissed their instant attraction. Now he’s back in her life, watchful of the two orphaned kids Emmy’s raising. Declan can’t bring back his best friend, but playing family with the beautiful photographer is the next best thing. If only they didn’t share so much past trauma…
Victoria's Harlequin page

The Maverick's Wedding Wager

by Joanna Sims
Miniseries: Montana Mavericks: Six Brides for Six Brothers
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

“I dare you to marry me!
I bet you won’t do it.”

Hardheaded cowboy Knox Crawford has his mind made up—he’s got to get married…and fast. Knox’s faux fiancée? Genevieve Lawrence, a gorgeous, sassy horsewoman who is not afraid of anything…except commitment. As they fake marry to trick Knox’s matchmaking dad, the two stubborn singles discover the only thing harder than pretending to be a couple is realizing they might be falling in love for real!
Jonna's Website

This Time for Keeps

by Rochelle Alers
Miniseries: Wickham Falls Weddings (Book #6)
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

She’s in town for her family…
Could love find her in the most unexpected place?

Attorney Nicole Campos hasn’t spoken to local mechanic Fletcher Austen since their high school friendship went down in flames over a decade ago. But when her car breaks down during her return to Wickham Falls and Fletcher unexpectedly helps her out with a custody situation in court, they find themselves suddenly wondering if this time is for keeps…or if their past differences are just too much to overcome.
Rochelle's Harlequin Page

When You Least Expect It

by Helen Lacey
Miniseries: The Culhanes of Cedar River
On Sale: Aug 15, 2019

She was having his baby.
But why wouldn’t she be his wife?

After several failed pregnancies, Tess Fuller’s dreams of motherhood hadn’t worked out—until one memorable night with her ex-husband resulted in pregnancy! Take-charge rancher Mitch Culhane had never stopped loving Tess. Now he has the perfect solution: marriage, take two. But Tess isn’t so sure their love story can have a happily-ever-after…unless Mitch can prove he’s changed…
Helen's Website

My Review:

When You Least Expect It
Helen Lacey

There is nothing better than a good second chance romance and Helen Lacey’s first in her Culhanes of Cedar River series, When You Least Expect It, is the perfect example. She does a bang up job of exhibiting the shared history, drama, guilt, heartbreak and hearts mending in this steady paced and rock solid plotted tale. Readers will many times want to shake the unforgettable pigheaded pair of Tess and Mitch while they enjoy every step as the relationship that was on life-support is put back together in this fantastic marriage do-over.
When Mitch Culhane’s ex shows up on his doorstep pregnant with his baby he only knows that this is his chance to get back the only woman he’s ever loved.
Tess knows that she wants her ex in their child’s life that’s why she packed up and moved back to Cedar River. And she has to hope that the pain from their past won’t screw up their future.

Stop by next month to see six more Special Edition novels.


  1. Ohh... several of those caught my fancy. When You Least Expect sounds poignant and I love the second chances, too.

    1. It was very good just enough drama but not overdone. :) xo

  2. Replies
    1. they are the best if they're done right and this one was

  3. Thank you for your lovely review - I'm delighted you enjoyed Mitch & Tess's story :)

  4. Wonderful sounding books and the premise of When You Least Expect It sounds very readable. And the beginning of a series.

  5. I don't read them as much now, but as a kid I was hooked on just about every Harlequin romance that was out there. My collection was pretty massive! Thanks for reminding me of the good old days! Hugs, RO