Friday, April 24, 2020

Audible Review: Stillhouse Lake By Rachel Caine

So a few years ago I saw Caffeinated Kim's review of this book and was put off and wanted it at the same time, I mean I like a thriller the same as the next girl but this one just sounded so dark so I put it on the back burner until Kindle had a sale and I scooped up the audible for a song. Boy am I glad I did because I've been binge listening and am on book 3 right now. Thanks Kim

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Release Date: 7-01-2017

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Gina Royal is the definition of average - a shy Midwestern housewife with a happy marriage and two adorable children. But when a car accident reveals her husband's secret life as a serial killer, she must remake herself as Gwen Proctor - the ultimate warrior mom.

With her ex now in prison, Gwen has finally found refuge in a new home on remote Stillhouse Lake. Though still the target of stalkers and Internet trolls who think she had something to do with her husband's crimes, Gwen dares to think her kids can finally grow up in peace.

But just when she's starting to feel at ease in her new identity, a body turns up in the lake - and threatening letters start arriving from an all-too-familiar address. Gwen Proctor must keep friends close and enemies at bay to avoid being exposed - or watch her kids fall victim to a killer who takes pleasure in tormenting her. One thing is certain: she's learned how to fight evil. And she'll never stop.

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My Review:

Stillhouse Lake
Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine’s first in her fantastic, chilling psychological thriller, Stillhouse Lake series is breathtakingly terrifying with a thought provoking unique premise dealing with the fallout of being the family of a serial killer, about the need to hide their real identities to fit into wherever they go and about the vile threats they receive when on-line vigilantes decide they deserve the same fate as the victims.  Gwen/Gina is an unapologetic force of nature, a solider whose only job is to protect her kids from harm. Then there’s the other fabulous characters Rachel brings her readers, first Gwen’s kids who are both vulnerable and as ferocious fighters as their mom, Sam who sways between friend and foe and the relentless detective who’s sure that Gwen is a vicious killer. This is not an easy read but it’s an unforgettable scare-fest must for every dark thriller lover.
Emily Sutton Smith does a fantastic job as Gwen whose automaton-ish recitation rings true for this woman who’s had the rug pulled out from under her. She does a good job for the other voices too.
Gwen Proctor’s life is a lie, she and her two kids Atlanta (Lannie) and Connor have been on the run for four years never putting down roots always looking over their shoulder, relying on an anonymous hacker for IDs and security. They’re not running from the law, you see Gwen’s ex is a monstrous serial killer and while he’s in prison on death row there are people out there who think Gwen and her kids deserved the same fate as her ex’s victims so she’s also had to become a helicopter parent. When they moved to the small community of Stillhouse Lake Tennessee they suddenly and for the first time since this nightmare began felt like they’re home. Then the unthinkable happens a body is found in the lake a death that looks hauntingly like the work of her ex-husband, and before Gwen can decide to run she finds herself once again arrested for murder.
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About the author:
Rachel Caine is the #1 internationally bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including the New York Times bestselling Morganville Vampires and The Great Library young adult series. She’s written suspense, mystery, paranormal suspense, urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal young adult fiction. Caine and her husband, award-winning artist, comic historian, and actor R. Cat Conrad, live in Fort Worth, Texas.


  1. I’ve seen this series on Amazon and it sounds really good. So I’m glad hear it is as good as it sounds.

  2. This is a series I want to grab up at some point especially now that I've read a few other darker thrillers and loved them.

    1. Kim's review sort of scared me and with good reason but Rachel does it so good.

  3. I think the library has this series, but then I can't go there so

    1. oh sorry, our library is doing books by mail maybe yours has something similar?

  4. I love this series on audio! So excited you are diving in!

  5. Gwen sounds like a character to really enjoy and cheer for. I am not sure about the "dark" bit but maybe!!

    1. the dark part is what kept me away when I read Kim's review Kathryn and yes it does deal with some awful things so if you are not a fan of dark trillers it may be too much. I think listening to it may make it less hard to take

  6. I need to read her books at some point because they always sound so good.

  7. These series sound amazing, I love the sound of it :)

    Beena @ Beena Khan