Thursday, October 8, 2020

#MacmillanAudio Review of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini narrated by Jennifer Hale

  I went into this novel not knowing what expect because I loved Christopher's Inheritance Cycle and didn't know what his sci-fi would be. Well he blew me away and if you read on you'll see why

ISBN-13:  9781250767547
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Release Date: 9-15-2020
Length: 32 hours- 30 minutes
Source: Macmillan audio/Netgalley for review
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Now a New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is a brand new epic novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eragon, Christopher Paolini.

Kira Navárez dreamed of life on new worlds.

Now she's awakened a nightmare.

During a routine survey mission on an uncolonized planet, Kira finds an alien relic. At first she's delighted, but elation turns to terror when the ancient dust around her begins to move.

As war erupts among the stars, Kira is launched into a galaxy-spanning odyssey of discovery and transformation. First contact isn't at all what she imagined, and events push her to the very limits of what it means to be human.

While Kira faces her own horrors, Earth and its colonies stand upon the brink of annihilation. Now, Kira might be humanity's greatest and final hope . . .

My #MacmillanAudio review:

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
Christopher Paolini


Christopher Paolini is a tour de force and this former child prodigy fantasy author can now count himself among the great sci-fi authors like H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov with his latest an absolutely, literally out of this world piece of literary science-fiction a mix of epic space opera, fast paced thriller and a coming of age story plus a love letter to the resourcefulness and relentlessness of humanity. From the beyond the imaginable technology to the incredible characters to the astonishing world building he does an amazing job of making his impossible storyline plausible and techno geeks and regular Jills and Joes alike will understand his content and context, will get his innuendos, enjoy his puns and will LOVE his characters, especially Kira. Kira as the main protagonist is brilliant, she’s flawed, adaptable both soft and forceful and many times her intuitions saves her and her teammates butts, but sometimes her fears get her in trouble. The crew from the Wallfish all come in as close seconds as favorite characters each one with his or her strengths and weaknesses. Readers beware because even though this novel is a behemoth at 880 pages or 32 plus hours in audio its fast paced and full of information so pay close attention because you won’t want to miss a single thought or action. Fans of classic epic science-fiction will find this instant best-seller impossible to put down and fans of Christopher’s Inheritance Cylce have no fear you will recognize his writing style but it as he have matured into something truly special. Listeners don’t miss the author’s note at the end where he hints at novels to come and his conversation with his exceptional narrator Jennifer Hale.

Jennifer Hale does an outstanding job on this epic and lengthy saga her clear enunciations vocal range and ability to flawlessly change characters and sometimes species is unparalleled and her skill in displaying the emotions of the characters is absolutely incredible. And to think this is her first audio book, I hope there are many more to come. Brava!!

Just as Xenobiologist Kira Navarez and her survey team are getting ready to lift off from the uncolonized desolate planet they were tasked with studying to see if it could be inhabited she’s sent to investigate a strange signal. What she finds when she literally falls down the rabbit hole is an alien artifact an alien bio-suit called the Soft Blade that kills her fiancé and half her team as it fuses with her. An alien artifact that the more she learns about the more questions she has. An alien artifact that may either be the end of civilization as she knows it or the savior of the human race. Little did she know this discovery would not only alter her life but also change the course of history.

About the author:
Christopher Paolini was born in Southern California and has lived most of his life in Paradise Valley, Montana. He published his first novel, Eragon, in 2003 at the age of nineteen, and quickly became a publishing phenomenon. His Inheritance Cycle—Eragon and its three sequels—have sold nearly 40 million copies worldwide. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is his first adult novel. 
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  1. I am not much of a sci-fi reader but.. your review is making me want to put this into my TBR.

    1. it was fantastic but at 32 hours plus Kathryn I don't know if this is the sci-fi you should break into the genre :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh I know you oh queen of epic fantasy, I know ;-)

  3. I read Eragon with my daughter and loved it...another to add to my list. I love sci-fi

  4. I definitely want to read this one. Your review just reinforced this. :)