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Review - River of Luck by Donna Augustine - Torn Worlds #3

Today I'm reviewing River of Luck, #3 in USA Today Bestseller, Donna Augustine's Torn World series. Those who are frequent blog visitors know that in a relatively short time Donna has become a go to author for me, it doesn't matter if she writes Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy whatever she writes is fantastic. Read on and see what I thought about this novel.

Publisher: Strong Hold Publishing
Release Date: 02-26-2022
Length: 273pp 
Source: Author for review
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I’ve been locked away in a vampire dungeon for nearly a year, and I’ll die here if that’s what it takes to protect my secret. Now he arrives with his pack and thinks he’ll be the one to break me? I’ll die first.

It was just another raid until we found her. Shivering and bedraggled, she should’ve seen me as her savior but she stares at me as if I’m her worst enemy. Maybe I am, because I should let her go, forget I ever saw her, but I won’t…

My Review:

River Of Luck
Torn Worlds #3
Donna Augustine

Series set up: After years of being under humans thumbs and subject to their inhuman experimentations Vampires and Werewolves have successfully taken over, turned the tables and made humans, well less than human in society. But the war isn’t over and the pact between the Vamps and Weres are only holding on by a bare thread because Vampires can’t be trusted and if the packs can’t find a solution the Vampires might eliminate them too.

Donna Augustine’s #3 in her Torn Worlds series, River of Luck, is freaking fantastic and the best one yet staring a couple of unforgettable star-crossed characters that will stay with readers long after The End.

Dante will do anything to protect his pack and everything to defeat the Vamps who are plumbing the depths of depravity when he locates a dungeon full of humans they’re using for feeding and to increase their numbers. But there’s one battered skinny bit of a young woman being held who isn’t human and Dante isn’t going to let her go until he knows what she is and why the Vamps were keeping her.

River is grateful for being liberated from the Vampires who she has been a captive of for nearly a year that is until the pack leader decides she isn’t free to go just yet and she finds herself going from one prison to another. She only knows one thing and that is that she’ll NEVER reveal what she is to her new captors.

Donna gifts her readers with an incredibly imaginative, edge of your seat, urban fantasy romance including a fanciful narrative that is equal parts terrifying and whimsical and a troupe of characters that are totally over the top yet likeable (or hateable) and relatable. Staring Dante an alpha pack leader and River an undiscovered new species who are the undisputed stand outs in this tale. River has a heart of gold and a spine of steel and Dante is your average everyday clueless alpha, breaking bones first and asking questions later and their love story is both heartening and heartbreaking. Fans of this author, I.T. Lucas and JR Ward will experience an unputdownable novel and by the end will be pleading with the author for more in this delicious series. While this story could stand alone like all series is best read in order.


The Series

About Donna:
Donna Augustine is the USA Today Bestselling author of The Wilds, Karma and Ollie Wit.
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Donna Augustine was an odd child, had a brief moment of conformity in early adulthood and then decided to embrace her craziness as the years rolled by. It's her inner crazy that she credits with coming up with the ideas for her books. One part hypochondriac, a few dashes of paranoia, topped with a sliver of uptight and delivered with a relaxed flair, she kicked the proverbial box down the yellow brick road a couple years ago to embrace her true self.

She can be reached by a carrier pigeon, set free in a south by north direction, where she resides in Neverland with her two Siberian cats. Cats who, by the way, aren't as hypoallergenic as she believed they'd be.

For the conventional minded, and those of you without a pigeon on hand, she can be reached at She responds to most emails within three dusk periods.