Tuesday, October 18, 2022

#Macmillan Audio Review of Desperation in Death by J.D. Robb #55 In Death

Today I'm reviewing the #MacmillanAudio edition of #55 in J.D. Robb's In Death series, Desperation in Death.

Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Release Date: 09-06-2022
Length: 13 hours & 11 minutes
Source: Publisher for review
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The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents a gripping new thriller that pits homicide detective Eve Dallas against a conspiracy of exploitation and evil…

New York, 2061: The place called the Pleasure Academy is a living nightmare where abducted girls are trapped, trained for a life of abject service while their souls are slowly but surely destroyed. Dorian, a thirteen-year-old runaway who’d been imprisoned there, might never have made it out if not for her fellow inmate Mina, who’d hatched the escape plan. Mina was the more daring of the two—but they’d been equally desperate.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get away fast enough. Now Dorian is injured, terrified, and wandering the streets of New York, and Mina lies dead near the waterfront while Lt. Eve Dallas looks over the scene.

Mina’s expensive, elegant clothes and beauty products convince Dallas that she was being groomed, literally and figuratively, for sex trafficking—and that whoever is investing in this high-overhead operation expects windfall profits. Her billionaire husband, Roarke, may be able to help, considering his ties to the city’s ultra-rich. But Roarke is also worried about the effect this case is having on Dallas, as it brings a rage to the surface she can barely control. No matter what, she must keep her head clear—because above all, she is desperate for justice and to take down those who prey on and torment the innocent.

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Press.

My #MacmillanAudio review:

Desperation in Death
In Death #55
JD Robb


Wow #55 and Eve Dallas is still kicking butt and taking names and doing it with pizazz! It’s so satisfying to see a character grow the way Eve Dallas has especially with a case like this one that she relates too so much and that long-time fans can really appreciate. Robb/Roberts deals with the underbelly of society a real good versus evil in this installation featuring young girls, human trafficking and murder and she’s not afraid to get down and dirty to solve her case.  The culprits are pure evil and Eve and her team use all their cop tricks and some of Roarke’s fancy toys too trying to solve the case and put the bad guys away. Fans also get to check up on all their favorite stars and costars of this long running series. Fans of sci-fi and Urban Fantasy and of this series will love this novel.

Susan Eriksen’s narration makes this series, she handles every emotion and every voice with perfection and she absolutely nails the voices of Eve and Peabody.


Somewhere in New York there are frightened, desperate girls trapped in a prison of horrors called The Academy where they are trained to be sex slaves or worse. Two of these girls Mina and Dorian both only 13 have concocted an escape plan and manage to get out but something goes terribly wrong leaving Mina dead and Dorian dazed, injured and alone with nowhere to go.

Lt Eve Dallas NYPSD’s top murder cop gets called to a scene that makes her stomach turn, that of a murdered child, a child that she learns was from a good home who went missing months ago. As Eve digs further into the case she suspects that Mina was a victim of human trafficking and that’s confirmed when Mina’s friend and fellow escapee Dorian comes forward. Eve knows from experience what Dorian is going through and vows to this distrustful girl that she will put these monsters away. Hopefully with the aid of her fellow cops and her Bazillionaire husband Roarke they can do just that.


About the author:
J.D. Robb is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling In Death series and the pseudonym for #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas, a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past. Initially conceived as a trilogy, readers clamored for more of Eve and the mysterious Roarke.


  1. Sounds really serious. It amazes me how well Robb has built this series. I love Peabody and the way she has grown. SE does a fabulous job of narrating these books. I haven't read the last few but now feel I can pick up any of the more recent ones and slot in.

    1. I know Kathryn I feel the same way I haven't read the last few either but it's like coming back to a soap opera

  2. Tough subject, but I love this series, too.

  3. Fifty -five books and I have yet to read book one.

    1. you better get that rock you're living under an address LOL ;-)

  4. I am going to get back to this series...damn. Fantastic review Debbie!

    1. thanks Kim, you have some series that i want to get back to too! So little time :)

  5. I really love this series. I love the relationships, the tech and the police procedural aspects. It'a all awesome.

    Anne - Books of My Heart