Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review of False Mermaid

Title False Mermaid
Author - Erin Hart
Publisher - Scribner
ISBN-10 1416563768
Pages - 336

Nora and Cormac drawn together by not only their passion for archeology and pathology but by their commonality of being led or misled by haunted pasts. Nora’s of her sister’s murder and subsequent fall out over her accusation against her brother-in-law for the crime and Cormac with his absent father’s sudden appearance again in his life, and the role that absence played in who he became. These chain of events leave Cormac and Nora separated by The Atlantic Ocean while they try to solve their respective mysteries. But will they grow closer by being apart or will the breach continue to grow.
Erin’s 3rd installment of the life and times of Nora and Cormac are very different from her first two adventures, in those we just brush the surface of what makes these two incredible characters tick, while in False Mermaid we really get to know them and why they’ve made some of the choices that they have. If you’re not familiar with Erin Hart, you are in for a treat when you experience her eloquent dialogue so full of Irish whit, charm and language while also in this novel giving us an accurate look at America as well. Nora leaves Cormac in Ireland while she travels back to the States to finally look further into the horrific crime that sent her across the Ocean in the first place. In this novel you will of course be re-introduced to Nora and Cormac, but you will be acquainted with the characters from the first two books that you only heard about. Erin’s character development and production of these co-starring characters is amazing, and from them you will learn the history that Nora has been running from for so long and learn more about Cormac and his history as well. This is definitely not a romance, but there is a love story between Nora and Cormac and that continues to develop in this book. So there are love scenes and they are crucial to the plot because they give us a more in depth look at our hero and heroine.
False Mermaid by Erin Hart is the 3rd in her Nora Gavin, Cormac Maguire series and she’s made her readers wait for more than five years for this one. Now you may ask, was it worth the wait, and the answer would have to be a resounding Yes! This will definitely make it to the best seller list and soon. It gives mystery fans all they long for, a great who-done-it, great characters and the finality of solving the crime. But this will be attractive to more than just mystery fans, romance fans and Irish literature fans and literary fiction fans will also stand in line to get this book. It has the cross-genre pull that few authors can master. The only thing this true fan requests Ms. Hart, is please don’t make us wait this long for our next journey with Nora and Cormac.

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  1. I have a couple of her books in my TBR pile. I need to read faster, Debbie, so I can keep up with all these great books!

  2. I know you though your TBR pile resembles Mount Everest ;-)

  3. Congrats on your New Blog.Pretty...I will visit often..I am now looking at "Haunted Ground" in my house....And intend to read it soon..Thank you..Linda Fairstein is quite a fan as well.Good taste is contagious...Suze..(Vt) in case There is another Suze here

  4. There's only one Suze as far as I'm concerned. Hope you like Erin

  5. Hi..not a long comment..I was rejected before??/ Hope all is well.Yes Haunted Grouhd is wonderful..Thanks for the lead..Best Suze See you in the AM