Friday, March 26, 2010

Max Hardberger
Broadway Books
304 pages
Max Hardberger’s Seized is a rip roaring high seas adventure. A non-fiction that reads like a novel.
Max gives us an amazing read in Seized, amazing mostly because he lived the adventure and sometimes only survived by the skin of his teeth, or the angel on his shoulder. His story line/plot reads like a contemporary swashbuckling novel complete with the pirates and hero rushing in to save the day. And yet as he introduces us to his friends and his loved ones, the story takes on a more intimate feeling. His dialogue is a Mirriam Webster of ship speak (but you’ll catch on quickly), mixed with the edgy, terse talk of his dangerous thug and gangster characters, and then he mixes it with the more personal language of family. And speaking of his characters they are so larger than life that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re real, but real they are and most you’ll really like and some you’ll really hate, but all are incredibly memorable.
Everyone who enjoys a great adventure, mystery or grand life journey will enjoy this soon to be best selling read. It gives you adrenalin junkies all that you require, edge of your seat thrills and chills and puts your emotions through a roller coaster ride. Thank you Max for letting us into your crazy but amazing life in Seized.

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