Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review of The Bentleys Buy a Buick by Pamela Morsi

The Bentleys Buy a Buick
Pamela Morsi
400 page
ISBN 13: 9780778329855

Tom Bentley has loved vintage cars since he was a boy, and in spite of his upbringing or lack of it he’s turned into a respectable husband, father and business owner and there’s nothing more important to him than his family especially knowing what it’s like not to have one. He’s now found a new love, a 56 Buick Roadmaster with a Continental Kit, and he’s determined to do right by her and her owner to find just the right home for her. 
Erica Bentley is a good mother and a good wife in spite of her upbringing with a mother who changed husbands like underwear and never trusted a man further than she could throw him, she’d do anything for the sake of her family. Recently returned to the workplace Erica is bombarded by constant gossip which makes her question things going on recently in her own life. Tom is being secretive and there’s talk about a new love in his life, can she compete with this “Clara”, will she make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her marriage and family together or will she take a page out of her mother’s book and ditch him.
This novel is like comfort food, it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, it combines a contemporary romance with a family drama and has a great moral message as well and that makes it especially nice to read in our too often throw away society. It’s a tale that every married couple has gone through and some didn’t survive, the emotions really come through on this one. The characters are engaging and enjoyably charismatic and the hero and heroine will steal the show as well as their son Quint and Gruffy too and Clara, well you’ll just have to find out about Clara by reading the story. The love scenes are very sensual without being overly explicit.
You Must Read this novel if 1) you love a good romance 2) you want that bright tingly feeling 3) you love enchanting characters or 4) all of the above.
This is my first read by Ms. Morsi, but it won’t be my last.
Buy the book here, visit the author’s website here.

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