Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review of Deep Disclosure by Dee Davis

Deep Disclosure
Dee Davis
Grand Central Publishing
368 pages
ISBN 13:9780446582926

Alexis Markham knows life in the shadows but now those shadows are getting deeper. With the death of the only person who knows the real her she needs to dig herself deeper into her life of deception. When Tucker Flynn shows up out of nowhere and offers help it’s hard to trust, but she has no one left to turn to, so on a leap of faith she turns to him. Tucker Flynn has lived his life in the shadows of black ops and covert operations so when he’s assigned by A-Tac, a CIA covert organization, to get close to Alexis and discover the truth about her, he’s all for it. But things change when the feelings they have for each other go into dangerous territory. Can they depend on each other for security and can they keep this attraction they have for each other at arms length while they try to solve this mystery.

Dee Davis takes us into her world of unbelievable crimes, criminals and the ghost operative good guys who make the world safer right under our noses, these aren’t the tales you’d read in the paper unless of course the CIA has it’s own version of the New York Times. She does this with her spook-speak of the agents and bad guys and with her descriptive dialogue that make it easy for us mere humans to follow along, yes sometimes the plot gets thick with suppositions and twists but if you read carefully you will be able to follow the convoluted story line. Her characters are made up of not everyday people but folks pretending to be everyday people while living double lives and keeping us safe from the baddest of bad guys, and remarkably she does this by making them believable in their un-believability. Her hero and heroine of this escapade are likeable and inspiring. The romance is doomed from the beginning, so to find out if that all elusive HEA is possible for them you’ll have to read for yourself. The love scenes are descriptive but not overly explicit.
If you need something to remind you of the heat of August in September, you’ll find it here in your must read category of Autumn.
This reads well as a stand a lone, but for the back stories of all the other characters you’ll meet in here read the others in the series too.
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