Monday, September 12, 2011

Review of Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound
Rachel Vincent
400 pages
ISBN 13:9780778312550

Blood Bound is book one of Rachel Vincent’s new Unbound series.
It’s hard when you’re not quite human, have abilities that go above and beyond what’s considered mortal and your kind is not sanctioned by the authorities, it also leaves few career choices.
Olivia Warren is just such a person, she’s a blood tracker and for years tried to freelance her services and stay out of the reach of the syndicates that rule her fair city and she was successful until one fateful day. She's also a far cry from the optimistic woman she was six years ago when life seemed full of possibilities and she thought she had the world by the tail, until that tail thumped her royally.
Cam Cabellero is also one of “those”, he’s a name tracker and can find anyone anywhere just by knowing their name. He was also an optimistic fool until Olivia (Liv) literally walked out of his life without an explanation six years ago. And he wasn’t as lucky as Liv, he’s deep into the syndicate only he’s playing for the opposite side from Liv.
In the face of a grim tragedy they are forced to work together for a common goal, to find the daughter of a friend. While on the search they have to dodge each other’s enemies, find neutral help and stay out of each other’s arms which is not going to be easy since they both still love each other.
Rachel Vincent has created a new world for us to explore, and understand and she fills this world with great characters who’s lives the readers will be anxious to learn more about. She first gives us a plot that is twisted, remarkable in it’s believability even at it’s improbable existence and she makes it all seem possible. She uses the dialogue that’s favored by the urban fantasy genre, direct in your face narrative, that flows superbly and is easily perceived. Her characters will delight and scare the bejesus out of you as you rush to turn pages with the need to find out what happens next, will the bad guys be defeated, will the good guys win, are there any good guys left. And she does this also by introducing and illustrating them very clearly for her audience. The romance is fraught with insurmountable obstacles and her readers will find themselves mentally pushing this couple up over that overwhelming hill that they seem never to be able to top. Her love scenes are racy, steamy and oh so satisfying for that paranormal romance fan that likes their romance on the sizzle burner.
This is my first read by Ms. Vincent, but I can honestly say that it won’t be my last as I will follow this series to see what happens in the next instillation and also look into her other works as well. If you like fast paced action in a setting that’s not quite home but close, if you like characters that you want to read more about and a love story that’s a little out of this world, dig in and read this novel. Ms. Vincent thank you for a tantalizing debut novel in a new series.
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