Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review of The Evil Inside by Heather Graham

The Evil Inside
Heather Graham
400 pages
ISBN13: 9780778312536

Salem Massachusetts has seen it’s share of horror and unfortunately it’s not over, the infamously legendary Lexington House is once again a crime scene of grisly proportions and the only surviving member of the family is also the only suspect, but there’s someone who believes in his innocence and decides to bring in the big guns.
Jenna Duffy has been called by her uncle Jamie to help prove the innocence of a boy accused of a bloody crime spree and her being part of the FBI’s special unit known as The Krewe of Hunters she’s used to things that go bump in the night and sometimes use those things to help solve the crime.
Sam Hall has retuned home for a rest after winning a big case and he deserves some R & R, unfortunately there’s no rest for the weary defense attorney because he’s just kissed the Blarney stone known as Jamie O’Neill who’s somehow talked him into not only defending a suspected killer of his family but he’s doing it pro-bono as well as accepting the help of Jamie’s niece Jenna.
The farther Sam and Jenna look into the case the more questions they raise and pretty soon it’s clear that someone wants them quiet, maybe permanently so. Even with all the danger and spectral sightings Sam and Jenna are developing deep feelings for each other and soon it means more than ever to keep each other safe.
Master of the paranormal romance Heather Graham gives us another gripping mystery with more than a touch of the woo woo that makes her famous and for a good reason because who better could make us believe the unbelievable especially in Salem MA at Halloween time. Ms. Graham supplies us with a plot straight out of the Twilight Zone and makes it believable, she does this with incredible characters that fill page after page with details that the reader will use to follow the clues that she lays out like crumbs. She uses a narrative that is clear and precise and easy to read in which she gives us all the details we need to fill in the blanks of her puzzles. Her romance is sweet and sexy and her love scenes are hot as Hades.
If you’re looking for that first spooky read to get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve, you want a contemporary romance that’s filled with history, you want a novel that delves into the paranormal range or you just want a great curl up on the sofa read, pick this one up.
This is part of a series that are loosely connected by characters but in no way need to be read in order, they stand on their own very well.
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