Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review of Where All The Dead Lie by JT Ellison

Where All The Dead Lie
JT Ellison
368 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778312380

As Taylor recovers physically from the injuries she sustained at the hands of the ultimate madman serial killer known as the Pretender (So Close The Hand of Death) she finds her mental health not healing as well. She fights between feeling betrayed by Baldwin’s secrets to quilt over the harm to Sam and other’s she believes she’s responsible for. She’s been offered solace from a place she’s not sure she should trust, but it’s either run to Memphis Highsymthe or run screaming from all her demons.  With more reasons to go than to stay she finds herself on the bonnie Scottish shores only to find more than she bargained for in more ways than one.

 JT Ellison knows how to keep her audience not just perched on the edge of their seats but nearly falling off them from the tension. We’ve seen the ultimate warrior and strong Taylor in the past and now we’re exposed to a very vulnerable, and much more insecure side. Her story line is exquisite as she shows us her talent front and center where she deals with the ghosts that haunt Taylor and at the same time slipping in another all together different unbelievable plot point that JT is such as expert at. Her characters all deserve awards and not only the good guys because her bad guys could go into the Hall of Fame of evil doers. Her dialogue always impresses me but she goes above and beyond in that aspect too and as you read the novel you will see the not so subtle changes from the US to the UK speak she uses, in fact I can almost hear that Scottish Brogue rolling off the characters tongues. Taylor is the ultimate complex character and one that after all these years I’ve never tired of and with Baldwin as her counterpoint they steal the show.

Fans of Lisa Gardner and Lisa Jackson will love this series, these characters and this phenomenal author. If this is your first journey with Taylor it does okay as a stand a lone but the backstory is especially important to this novel and reading the previous in the series will answer the many questions that you’ll have.

JT thanks once again for shortness of breath, pounding heart and racing pulse, I’m never the same after finishing one of your books, but that’s a good thing.
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