Monday, October 3, 2011

Review of Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Bad Boys Do
Victoria Dahl
377 pages
ISBN 13: 9780373776023

Jamie Donovan loves his family and the family Brewing Company that came down to he and his siblings with the tragic death of their parents 14 years ago. His bad boy, screw up image has cost him the respect of his big brother, but now it might just cost him his future and not just in business.
Olivia Bishop has been the dutiful daughter, dutiful wife and now the dutiful ex-wife and she’s fed up enough to change her image, with her first sighting of Jamie she thinks she just might have found someone who can help her.
Jamie and Olivia start on a path of lust and desire but soon it becomes more for both of them, they have many obstacles in their way and both with stigmas to deal with. Will luck be on their side or will their pasts predict their future.

Welcome to book two of Victoria Dahl’s Donovan family trilogy with middle child Jamie’s story and like in book one she delves deeply into family dynamics and dysfunction where roles and rules are constantly changing and not always for the better. Her dialogue is trendy, fun and at times a bit raw but it goes too well with the tales to not fit. Her characters are brilliant in the novel as they seem so three dimensional you’re surprised they don’t leap off the page and not just the stars of the story but the minor players as well. The romance, ah the romance is complicated, it’s engaging, it’s emotional and it’s a balm for the true romantic. Her hero & heroine are two parts of the same coin and as the romance progresses you’ll be able to see for yourself how much they belong together. The love scenes, well I’ll  suggest you read them near a source of extreme cold as it will produce extreme heat, combustible heat.

The balance between the romance and the family drama is what makes this novel and it’s trilogy siblings so remarkable as is the way in which this very talented author tells her story and that makes this my first must read for October.
This reads well as a stand a lone, but they’re called trilogies for a reason.
Thank you Ms. Dahl for another wonderful visit to the Donovan family, their brewery and their loves.
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