Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins

Until There Was You
Kristan Higgins
384 pages

Cordelia Wiilhelmina Osterhagen aka Posey has a family who loves her, although she’s adopted, a menagerie of pets, a unique residence and an eclectic occupation, has always been on the petite side, so much that she still shops in the kids section. She wants the dream, the husband the 2.1 kids but it’s safe to say she’s been unlucky in love. She had her heart broken in high school by the local bad boy and now that bad boy is back in town.
Liam Declan Murphy found the girl of his dreams, married her, had a daughter and lost her in a tragic way. So now he’s back with his daughter to the one place he thinks she will be safe and happy and close to her grandparents. He’s not looking for nor is he ready for love, of course that doesn’t stop half the women in town most of who he’s already known biblically in high school. What he doesn’t expect is Poesy Osterhagen filling a certain void in his lonely, unfulfilled life. But is it love that’s making his heart pump too fast and his hands to sweat, is it a panic attack.

What could be better than a big dog, a bad boy and a pixie of a girl and when you put them all together they spell one heck of a romance. And who better to push the start button than Kristan Higgins who’s unforgettable love stories are the stuff of legends and this one’s no different with this one in a million love story. She brings us a plot straight out of any females worst nightmare of high school life if she happened to be like most of us on the opposing side from the popular girls. She brings it with a narrative that will perfectly instill the mania of the hero, the ecclecticness of the heroine and the goofiness of the dog, yes there’s always a dog. She gives us characters that will stand the test of time so much so that you could pick this back up in 20 years and still be wowed, amused and humbled by it. She will make sure that you really know these people so much so that you’d recognize them on the street. Her hero is the ever popular bad boy with a good heart and her heroine is the ever popular good hearted woman, yes they’re just Joe and Jane normal, no superhero, no prince or Queen just folks from next door and around the corner, people that you just might bump into at the grocery store. Then she throws in the all American doomed romance and somehow makes it all come out in the end and gives us that all too elusive happy ever after. Be ware of the love scenes, you may need to read them under a fan.
Get ready for a November must read where hopefully the weather is cool enough to offset the heat of the book.
Thank you Ms. Higgins once again for a great story, great couple and great romance.

This novel comes out tomorrow, stand in line for this one you won't be sorry. Buy the book here visit the author's website here.

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