Friday, October 14, 2011

Review of Only His by Susan Mallery

Only His
Susan Mallery
ISBN 13:9780373776016
344 pages

Only His is the third in the Hendrix triplets trilogy.
Nevada Hendrix has always been more comfortable in a hard hat than in high heels and she’s proven her worth as a construction boss working under her older brother, but she has dreams too and to spread her wings means flying from the safety of the family business nest. Nevada accepts an interview with Janack construction, a global company with a great reputation expecting to interview with company owner Elliot only to find herself face to face with his son Tucker. This wouldn’t be a problem because Tucker is friends with her older brother and she’s known him for years, it’s just that she also happens to know him in the biblical sense in a decade ago debacle one-night(mare) stand that she’s never quite gotten over.
Tucker wants Nevada to take the job, a local is always valuable on a job site, someone who knows the ropes and the rules, but to convince her he’s got to let the past go even though seeing her again is stirring up feelings he’s not happy about and the word lust comes to mind every time he sees her.
Susan Mallery has got this romance thing down to a science because I could not put this book down, plus you get more than one romance for your money as she brings us other couples tales as well in this one for the books contemporary romance. It’s a plot that’s sure to engage the true romance lover with the normal anxiety and angst with a little added bonus of that second chance at romance. Her dialogue is easy to read, easy to understand and will keep you turning those pages as fast as you can read them. Her characters are all impressive, all entertaining and all imperative to the story. Her hero Tucker is a real guy’s guy and our heroine Nevada is a guy’s guy too although she has no trouble being female either. The love story is two worlds colliding impossible and super nova spectacular and you’ll be kept on the edge until the very end. The love scenes are sensual but tasteful.
Come back to Fools Gold for this last of the Hendrix triplets trilogy, reconnect with old friends from the fictional town and meet a few new ones as well. You don’t have to be an already fan to enjoy this but you will become one if this is your first visit. My suggestion is to read the trilogy in order for the best results, then if you haven’t get all the novels in the Fools Gold series.
Thanks Ms. Mallery for another fun trip through the estrogen enhanced town of Fools Gold.
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