Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Surrender
Gena Showalter

As the keeper of Defeat, Strider will experience incredible pain with each lost challenge and in his and his fellow keepers of Pandora’s box of demons that’s not easy in their fight against the Hunters and their constant search for the artifacts that will set them free. One challenge he has no problem with is finding the Harpy Kaia alluring, because that she is, but he also can’t give into his craving for her because she broke a golden rule of his.
Kaia has lived for centuries with tremendous guilt for the pain she’s caused her kind and for the mother’s respect it cost her. She’s wanted nothing so much as to make it right and now after so long she just may get to with the help of the one man she’s lusted after but never been able to latch on to. But in order to do this she needs several things, one Strider to fill in as her consort even temporarily, two a team that can kick the other Harpy teams butt and three a chance to show her mother that she is no longer Kaia the Disappointment, in the eyes of her family, her fellow Harpies and most of all of Strider.
Keeping their lust for each other under control is the least of their worries and they have more to worry about than Hunters because they’re finding it hard to find allies amongst any of the Harpy clans and villains coming at them from all directions. Whether by fate or destiny they will have many obstacles to overcome and even then their chances for happiness together are small.

Gena Showalter brings us number 10 in her Lords of the Underwold series, a group of testosterone filled males with the exception of their one female counterpart. And as we’ve gotten to know these immortal beings we’ve learned a little more about their origins, their frailties and their strengths as well. In this installment of the life and times of the survivors of the Pandora’s box incident Ms. Showalter gives us the keeper of the demon of defeat’s story, which is ripe with the history of what made him who he is and of Kaia the Harpy who once lost everything and had suffered for it for eons and how they seem to fit together and the trouble they have to go through to get together. The plot of course is right of a DC comic book, no reality here all fantasy, but it’s the tale and the characters who rule this series and this novel as well. How can you not love a damaged hero when there’s a big question mark whether these are heros at all or really evil beings who should be erased from the face of the earth by their enemies. The hero and heroine in this novel are doomed it seems and readers will have the time of their life watching them stumble and fall toward that happy ever after, and it’s a real ever after when you’re dealing with immortal beings too. The romance is between two flawed characters and the love scenes are down and dirty while still being adoring.
Thank you Ms. Showalter for another great read about your bad boys of Olympus, and the women who choose to love them.
And of course the one everyone is waiting for is next The Darkest Seduction, Paris’ story out February of 2012 which is on my wish list already.

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