Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review of Bring Me Home For Christmas by Robyn Carr

Bring Me Home for Christmas-Virgin River Series
Robyn Carr
336 pages

Just when Becca Timm thinks life is lemonade she gets a case of lemons, she’s lost her teaching job when the school shut down, and her beau of one year is showing signs of question popping. That should thrill any girl and it would Becca too if she hadn’t been wondering if maybe the right guy is her ex. When she suddenly finds herself in a fortuitous position to find out she decides to jump at the chance.
Denny Cutler has made a new life for himself from the ashes of the one he left behind, he now has the friends that he would have chosen as family and there’s only one thing missing and that’s all his fault.
These two have many unanswered questions, but there’s also many wounds that need to be healed before there’s ever any chance of second chances.

Robyn Carr brings us tale after wonderful tale of Virgin River and her residents some old some new and like all series readers endear themselves to a character above all others as the author hints and teases us about their eventual story. Well in Virgin River that character is definitely Denny, we’ve seen him from the beginning first as a stranger and now deeply ensconced into life in this bucolic community as a respected and needed member of town. Her plot is my all time favorite, a second chance Christmas romance and she brings it with the narrative to fit the town the characters and the lifestyle, easy going, easy to read and at an easy pace. Her characters are wonderful, some of which we’ve known for years and are just as close to us as our neighbors and some are brand new and are just starting their push into our lives and our hearts. Her hero is an all American boy next door, not perfect but perfect anyway. Our heroine is the female equivalent of the male, she’s the typical girl next door, the one you bring home to meet the folks and put a ring on her finger. Their romance is painful to watch sometimes and at others we will cheer with loud voices for them. The love scenes are hot and sexy and bring a new meaning to the word ‘”smokin”.

So come back to Virgin River, or maybe this is your first journey there, it doesn’t matter just pull up a chair in front of the fire and settle in for another must read tale from Virgin River by one of the best storytellers out there and there's no need to wait, it comes out today.
Thank you Ms. Carr for another enlightening, enjoyable and heartfelt trip to one of my all time favorite towns.

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on Robyn's latest. They're all so great, once I started reading the first book- Virgin River, I was hooked and can't help but wait patiently for the next...

  2. Lorelei, you won't be sorry. IT's great

  3. I have read every single one of these books..and have loved them all. This is on my nook, and I can't wait t0 read it. I am saving it for the weekend, because..I know once I start..I will have to read to the end.