Friday, September 16, 2011

Review of New York to Dallas by J D Robb

New York to Dallas           
J D Robb
J.P. Putnam’s Sons
416 pages
ISBN 13:9780399157783

New York to Dallas is the 33rd in the series and they’re still fresh, exciting and as always your next must read.

Eve Dallas became a cop for a lot of reasons, one was to put monsters like her father away and as a rookie she by accident helped put away a truly evil pedophile Isaac McQueen. But Isaac’s escaped and Eve follows his crimes from New York to Dallas, where it all began for her. She’s without her team but she is able to take along her civilian consultant, Roarke. Being in Dallas brings back Eve’s nightmares and her memories of being a tiny brutalized girl and the longer she’s there the worse it becomes but she’s determined to catch this monster and put him back in his cage permanently so she and Roarke work with the Dallas PD to catch this demon and put him away for good.

You’d think after 33 novels in this series that it would loose it’s freshness, it’s intrigue, it’s pull and I have to admit that a few before have fit that description, but not this one, perhaps it’s the plot where Ms. Robb/Roberts takes her readers back to Eve’s origins, where her nightmares were born and she takes us successfully into the psyche of an evil so vile that we have to read it through the slats in our fingers like we used to watch scary movies. Perhaps it’s her characters that keeps it new that although we know these people very well they still surprise us, perhaps it’s because of how human she makes her characters so much so that we can feel their pain and their joy, their horror and their ecstasy. Perhaps it’s the love story between Eve and Roarke that keep it so new, the fact that they never should have been together in the first place and how they just keep making it work. Perhaps it’s the love scenes that keep it shiny and with these two there’s plenty of them. Or perhaps it’s all of these reasons that keep us coming back to Eve Dallas, her friends, her foes and especially her Roarke.

If you’ve never read one of these novels you’re either just a visitor on our planet or have lived under a rock but rest assured that you can read this and not suffer for not have read the 32 before it, but if that’s the case my suggestion would be, go back to the beginning, go back and see where and why it all started, go back and be wowed by this truly gifted storyteller. If you’re already a fan, this is all bla bla bla to you any way.
Thank you Ms. Robb/Roberts for probably the best romantic suspense fantasy series on this or any planet and as always I can’t wait to see what you come up for these characters next.
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